25 thoughts on “15 Dumbest Jean-Claude Van Damme Quotes”

  1. These can’t be true… wait… are they? CHRIST this man is an empty jar… And what about his wife?

  2. People people! Mr. Van Damme is just putting in words what the great Belgian Surrealists have put on canvas for the last 100 years! It’s fun to look at..if a little unnerving. ;-)

  3. He’s totally correct about that air thing! I mean, the ocean is decreasing, too, and now all the whales are being squeezed out like giant water weenies. That’s why we sometimes see them laying on the grass in the middle of the forest. That’s what Jean Claude Van Damme told me.

  4. There is a nerd inside this strange looking head.. the air thing for a.. uuhh.. I assume little educated person, is absolutely right (about the bird and airplanes).. and perhaps not so obvious for the less educated ones. Air is not so different from water, you can “swim” in it.
    But of cause the sound wave thing is hilarious.. all sounds are build up on carries with some material, air, water etc..

  5. funny how people are thinking these are legit quotes, and not just made up by a random person on a meme generator

  6. Sounds more like he’s got bad english + he is screwing with interviewer. Most of quotes are so stupid so I just think it’s his humor.

  7. Belgians indeed have a reputation not to be too bright, but this guy shouldn’t be allowed to repreduce himself. Otherwise it might become a national (mental) health issue.

  8. Belgians have a reputation not to be too bright…says the man coming from a country whose President is the laughing stock of the world

  9. When he said “Air is a little like my brain”, he may actually be speaking some sense. I saw a television interview he did and he didn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the box. Whoever his manager is, that person was pretty smart to get this guy into well-paid movies (and no doubt earn a juicy commission along the way).

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