10 thoughts on “12 Tricks To Appear Smart In Emails”

  1. I could use this. I’m still in school, and already very smart, ☜(¯ヮ ¯☜) but why not seem smarter?

  2. If someone emails me frequent updates anout what they are doing, I would spam them. My experience is most people don’t read past the first line in the email no matter what you write.

  3. #2 is genius and I’m ashamed I hadn’t thought of it before now.
    #3 make you look like a brown noser, I don’t suggest that one.
    I like #10, passive aggressiveness defiantly works, however I wouldn’t use it quite that way. I’d say something like “I know this would never fly but…” or “This suggestion had been ignored by past management but I’ll try here again…”

  4. #11 is useful if someone’s asking you to do something that they should know good & well is not your responsibility nor your job, but they asked anyways.

  5. Okay, folks..

    It’s not “more smarter.” It’s just “smarter.” Why doesn’t anyone know this anymore? Was that put there as a joke? Or is the writer really that stupid?

    Look: smart, smarter, smartest. (Declarative, comparative, superlative)

  6. Don’t forget the buzzwords and phrases like: “Robust and engaging”, “Reach out”, “Moving forward, the expectation is”, and “Circle back”. Pure bliss to middle management drones.

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