11 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions To Twitter Banning Trump”

  1. Woohoo! Trump gets banned, even though he never told his supporters to use violence. In the meantime, holocaust denier, Jew and Christian hater, Ali Khamenei keeps his account. He also founded the Quds Force, a state sponsored terrorist squad that has murdered thousands of people across the Middle East. Good thing that is less serious than engaging in some heated rhetoric.

  2. @Anonymous: I can’t imagine being so stupid that you can’t even tell that Trump is stupid. It’s not “heated rhetoric”. It’s lies for the gullible from an infantile narcissistic sociopath. And it has grave consequences.

  3. It seems funny and justly but this is more concerning than everyone thinks. This is not about Trump anymore, it’s about shutting people down and removing from (social) media. So…who’s next? You perhaps because you have a different opinion than most of us?

  4. @Anonymous January 10, 2021: His supporters have been voicing those views since the election & are still free to do so. He wan’t banned for his differing opinion, he was banned due to the risk of further incitement of violence despite prior warnings to stop.

  5. Private companies do not legally have to provide a free speech platform to anyone. He can still stand on a street corner and say anything he wants.

  6. @washington’s mother – feel better with your ad hominem attack and holier than thou attitude. Pull your head out of Jack Dorsey’s @ss and stop sucking Zuckerberg’s hog long enough to realize that the real lies are all the news outlets in front of you bend over every morning

  7. @chrisharrison – ad hominem attack lol – you literally called him out for the ad hominem fallacy (legal term you clearly do not understand) with an ad hominem argument (Washingtons mother was clearly not an ad hominem) — trumpers were never good at thinking and words though

  8. now 2023, we have the advantage of having lived through the aftermath. that aftermath included the creation of tRump’s Truth Social. or, Truth for short.

    Here’s where irony kicks in. as a kid, i remember the russian newspaper Pravda as a propaganda tool for the soviet union. it was derided in the press and discounted as useless by western media.

    the english translation of Pravda? Truth.

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