The Funniest Tweets About Overthinking

Overthinking, analysis paralysis, and setting our imaginations loose to tackle problems that might not even occur… sounds familiar?

My brain before going through airport security: "What if I accidentally have a gun?"

BRAIN: hey whachya doin ME: nothing just relaxing BRAIN: would u like to think about all of ur failures ME: what no BRAIN: and away we go

The main exercise I've been getting lately is overthinking & jumping to conclusions.

im VERY laid back. i only care about 2 things: every person on earth & their opinion of me the crushing psychological weight of being alive

Me: Goodnight. Brain: Pssst. Me: What? Brain: What disease do you think we have?

My anxiety in public: everyone is watching you and judging you. Reality:

Does overthinking count as a physical activity? If so, I could go to the olympics for it.

sometimes i get really concerned about things very suddenly like i’ll be chillin then all the sudden be like “o shit where’s my birth certificate”

overthinking: the art of creating problems that aren’t even there.

My top 3 assumptions when doorbell rings: 1. Murderer 2. Police telling me everyone is dead 3. That book I ordered about positive thinking

Honestly if overthinking burned calories I’d be a skinny minnie right now

I am an overthinker, I am able to find 45 meanings to one sentence.

My anxiety over misreading that handshake-or-hug moment takes up way too much space in my brain.

My therapist says I overthink everything, so that's given me a lot to think about.

my nights are for overthinking & my mornings are for oversleeping

“can i ask you something?” my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief

speak up pls i cant hear you over my internal monologue

If I was accidentally weird to you once just know I will be thinking about it every night for the next 50 years

i think my overthinking started when i used to overthink how i would say "here" during attendance

hey do u want to go on a date and then afterwards stress about which one of us will text the other person first

I'm worried that I don't worry enough or that I worry too much or omg what if I worry the right amount (unlikely) but don't worry correctly.

Does anyone else pack underwear for a trip like they're planning on shitting themselves twice for every day they're gone?

are you still overthinking?

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