Putin Looking At Things

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has is becoming more and more like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un therefore it’s only appropriate that he acts like Kim Jong-un

Putin looking at a spear.

Putin staring down the sun.

putin looking at a list of patriotic Russian food.

putin looking at patriotic Russian milk.

Putin looking at patriotic Russian sausage. He doesn’t feel joy.

Best friends forever.

Putin looking at a gas facility. A gas facility for ants.

Putin looking at his ride.

Putin really looking at his ride.

Putin looking at tsarist-era weapons of liberation.

Putin is not impressed.

Greed is good.

Putin looking at this little girl.

Putin looking at oil.

Putin looking at the next country he hopes to invade.

Putin looking at other short people who love to fight.

Putin looking beyond these binoculars because his eyes are more powerful than binoculars.

Putin looking at his future.

Putin looking at God.

16 thoughts on “Putin Looking At Things”

  1. Putin comes to psychic for reading his future.
    Putin: What do you see ?
    Psychic: I see you in big limousine and along the road millions of crowd crying
    for joy and waiving for you, throwing flowers on your direction.
    Putin: Am I happy? do I waved them back ?
    Psychic: I do not see that because The coffin is closed.

  2. Funny… Putin didn’t attack anyone while his “friend” was in office. He waited for the guy whose son made millions off of his deep knowledge of the energy sector in Ukraine to become president.

  3. Give it a rest, NPC. Your TDS is showing. It just might be that Putin didn’t attack anyone while Trump was in office because Putin knew that Trump would push back, and push back hard. He knows Biden is weak. He knew Trump is not. Now go take your TDS meds.

  4. The two commenters above me both need to read “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich. I’m sensing a LOT of bad orgone behind both of them. They can just cuddle, read together, and then kiss each other good night. Putin should join them, too.

  5. I’m pretty sure both commenters were so primed and ready for a fight that they do not realise they were both spewing the same far-right rhetoric. Not that it matters which extreme direction they take, extremists on either side are so similar that they cannot even tell each-other apart! Is this the start of WW2 part 2? Fascist on the right and Communists on the left? Who are the good guys in this scenario?

  6. Putin’s smiling at Trump because Trump’s lips are showing Vlad what he can look forward to that night. Trump always rewards those who help him, right?

  7. The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.

  8. Why can’t you idiots just laugh at the pictures? Why the hell do you feel obligated to make that shite the foremost part of your daily life?

    Relax and enjoy yourself for a little while. Try it. You’ll feel better for it.

    There is absolutely nothing you can say or do from our position in the global political arena, so sit back and make the best of what you have.

    Get a life.

  9. How exactly is Putin ” becoming more and more like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un”? Asking for a friend..


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