28 thoughts on “Winners of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever”

  1. Needless to say that the original photos are the true masterpieces. Some of the photoshopped pics are really bad work.

  2. Thank goodness you were able to work in a Trump insult! Heaven knows with all the terrible things that are going on right now it’s a good reminder of just how much worse things would be if we had re-elected that buffoon. The world is a much better place now, that’s for sure.

  3. I hope the people abandoned in Afghanistan by Biden can find the time to visit this site for a good giggle. I think they would really enjoy seeing Trump try to put that cap on a pen! That would certainly make their day as they try to avoid getting hunted down and killed by the Taliban. What a wonderful site this is! Please don’t forget to down-vote this post if you’re a Biden voter and keep a towel handy to wipe the blood off your hands.

  4. Give your idiotic Trump hatred a rest already. Biden, in eight short months, has managed to destroy the economy, insult his own advisers, and make us a laughingstock in front of the world with his utter failure in Afghanistan (if he’d followed the Trump plan, all would have been well, but no, he was so bitter and so mindlessly vindictive that his sole focus was on undoing all the good Trump did). You people with your TDS are tiresome and shallow.

  5. Serious question for the Biden voters who visit here. Just like you you I knew there would be some tough decisions that would have to be made – I mean you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right? With that in mind, I’m fine with the blood that keeps appearing on my hands. Some stubborn undesirables have to be “adjusted” as we strive toward our goals. My question is, what do you do to clean up the mess? Paper towels are so environmentally unfriendly and I really didn’t expect to have to use so many. Cloth towels take so much water and detergent to get clean and I worry about the damage I’m doing to the fish and delicate amphibians. What are the rest of you Biden voters doing? Thanks in advance for your help!

  6. Those were fun. Too bad about all the trolls and bots, though. Really spoiled the fun. Which is all they want to do. Anyway, maybe the admin here needs to make it a little harder to post comments.

  7. At least Trump can put the pen together, Biden would have already left because he was not supposed to take questions.

  8. Literally anyone: mentions Trump once

  9. Yes, indeed. Why can’t I just come to a humorous website and not be reminded of how my vote helped get Biden elected so he could make one disastrous decision after another. I’m too smart to want to be reminded of how my actions have consequences.

  10. Hilary Clinton did not have sexual relations with Ben Gazi. That was a thing at one point, right????? Right???? It all just runs together…..

  11. Trump voter here, and I chuckled audibly at his photoshop above. It’s funny—relax. However, we’ve had years of phony, outrageous propaganda attacks against Trump, so pls forgive us for being a bit sensitive…
    This tho? This is funny.


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