30 thoughts on “Care Home Residents Recreate Popular Album Covers”

  1. A great self irony at some of those. All of them are smart and adorable.

    And: Didn’t know yet that The Clash referenced Elvis’ cover.

  2. Awesome! A new place for us to talk about Biden’s great achievements. He has abandoned more Americans to the enemy than any other president in history and then called it a great success! I notice that none of you Biden supporters ever point out where we are wrong about him and what he has done. You just point your blood-stained fingers and cry about Trump. You are evil and cowardly and should be hanging your heads in shame for the lives you have cost and damage you have done.

  3. Leave it to a conspiracy theorist to take an innocent and amusing post – and turn it into a psychotic soapbox. Perhaps one of the charming ladies in the pictures might crochet him a nice tinfoil hat?

  4. As I said, “… none of you Biden supporters ever point out where we are wrong about him and what he has done” because you can’t. Cowards. Your votes has cost the lives of American servicemen and countless men, women and children who supported their mission in Afghanistan. You own what Biden and his administration has done and will do.

  5. Eyes open is no extraordinary troll nor will it ever be…below bush league. Merely a pathetic attempt. A silly mundane coward and a probable disappointment behind a keyboard feeding its need to try and stir stuff up…taking any comments (like ours) to feed a deep seated need to get attention. So enjoy this comment on me and understand that your attempt is just as pathetic as you are.

  6. Yes, John, you are brilliant. So brilliant you are unable to make a cogent argument in favor of the Biden administration. You’d think it would be easy since you’re so damn smart. There is no cult scarier than the democrat party. Not an independent thinker among you. All well educated and dumber than hell.

  7. Biden – rich, privileged, white old male capitalist.
    Trump – rich, privileged, white old male capitalist.
    Eight years of Obama, four of Trump, one(ish) of Biden, what’s changed in those thirteen years? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
    ‘Eyes Open’ , if you really opened your eyes you would see how much alike Republicans and Democrats are. However please carry on thinking as you do because the rest of the world loves laughing at you.

  8. What a bunch of pathetic losers you are. Eyes Open points out the obvious fact that Biden is a failure on many levels but especially in Afghanistan and challenges you to point out where he is wrong and the best you can do is “we don’t want to talk about politics” or “they all do it”. I guess he is right. For Anonymous above – we all know what you’re after. Get a job you lazy antifa loser.

  9. It must really suck to wake up every day to the realization that your cult leader got his azz whipped by a guy named “Sleepy Joe”.

  10. Eyes open, you support your own opinions by pretending to be someone else, then make allegations and insults based on no facts whatsoever, but hey, your political views are based on the same lack of knowledge so all is normal. Honestly though, you are really special. Ever considered being in the Olympics?

  11. Hey eyes wide shut. You are just like that whinny man-baby loser. I would tell you to dust the Cheetos dust off and go get some fresh air but I think you might want to just stay in the basement ya freak.
    Loved the pictures.

  12. actually, the number is quite countable. Its eleven, thanks to a deal that trump made as opposed to the half a million from trumps poor handling of covid

  13. I love the creativity and beauty of these pictures! Thank you!
    Please take your political bullsh$t somewhere else! We are trying to enjoy the beauty!

  14. @eyes open. Nothing in my statement mentions anything about the current president or politics. It’s simply aimed squarely at you and your poor attempt at trolling. Plain and simple. Pay attention, and move on little fella! :-)

  15. I agree with Eyes Open. Biden is an installed POS president who has been wrong on everything his entire shady career. Someone tell us all what positive thing Biden has ever done? What has he ever done to strengthen our constitutional rights – I mean besides nothing?

  16. Damn Americans always have to ruin posts by whining about their government. Nobody outside the US cares about your imploding country. Btw, the internet is worldwide, not US-centric.

  17. The comment thread is spectacular!
    Gotta say, not Trump fan, but damn our country was doing pretty well the last 4 years. Biden and Kamala have screwed everything up in just 9 months. And don’t get me started on Pelosi. I feel very strongly that she and Schumer created all the divide and hatred we have endured. They pushed it. They still do.

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