People On Twitter Share Funny Problems That Their Names Cause Them

On this thread started by @SummerRay people have been sharing stories of how their names were misspelled, misheard, or flat-out ridiculed, whether accidentally or not, and the answers are sure to make you crack up, so keep on scrolling to see a curated list of the best stories found!

What’s the most grief your name has ever given you? You might think that “Sarah” (my real name) is safe enough, but more than once I’ve sent an email without noticing that my phone has autocorrected it to “Satan”

when I was in year 1, the whole class were playing a spy game together where your spy name was your name spelled backwards

Not my name, but my husband was born a 'Butt'. He changed to his mum's maiden name because growing up a Butt in the States proved challenging. Even worse, his dad's name was Richard. Dick Butt.

My name is Jove Tocher. However, this often happens.

I often spell my name out phonetically when ordering things over the phone. I once got a package addressed to Delta Yankee Lemur.

*points to America*

My name really is Fuchsia.

mine autocorrects to Death.

My name is Sally Urwin. I was once in hospital and a very nice nurse, who obviously did not have English as her first language, called me Mrs Smelly Urine, all throughout my stay. She was right too.

I once said my surname 'Newton' over the phone and received my goods addressed to 'Mutant'.

I'm the youngest of three brothers Darrell David Dale Dean Darren Douglas We were the only ones that didn't screw up our names throughout life. Even our parents would call us by the wrong name occasionally

It’s gets auto-corrected to “Hefty” and because I’m a big girl, I think people assume that I’m just owning my own nicknames.

Every time I type 'and' I automatically end up writing 'Andy'

As a Pugh by marriage, I have been Mrs Pug, Mrs Poo, Mrs Poog, Mrs Pugue (as in fugue), Mrs Puge (as in huge), Mrs Pudge, and probably most memorably Mrs Puff. It's quite the red letter day when I actually get called Mrs Pugh to rhyme with Hugh.

I’ve received junk email addressed to Mr Softy as if I was an ice cream man.

Finding out that people who have known me for years assumed my name was Helen and that I was just dropping the H because of my London accent. I’ve nearly missed doctors appointments because they also autocorrect it in their heads to “Ellie” and call that out instead of my name.

I had a Brewer's Fayre loyalty card (yes, I know, a long time ago) arrive addressed to "Mr J Christ".

Always pocket dialled. I made my cousin rename me as Zadele because he did it so often.

My surname frequently gets misheard/repeated as 'bottom'. That's an arse.

My maiden name is Clift...

Being introduced as "Mr Sewage" when I was speaking on a panel.

Someone misheard my surname once and sent a parcel to my work addressed to Jonny McCunty

15 thoughts on “People On Twitter Share Funny Problems That Their Names Cause Them”

  1. My wife’s maiden name is Tarjan. We eventually got used to people calling her Ms Tarzan.

  2. My only problem was that it was so common. When I was born, it was pretty rare, but it seems like that year was the year for my name. I had classes where there were four Brians in that class

  3. Jennie is actually a very traditional spelling of Jenny and so I am not sure why I am so frequently called Jeannie or Janine. My best guess is that only about half the population learnednto read by phonetics vs. recognition.

  4. Knew a guy with the last name Woodfield. He went to get a student ID, and after several failed attempts at telling the woman behind the counter, he finally said, “It’s easy; it’s like Wood and Field.” He got his ID in the mail… Bob Woodandfield.

  5. There used to be a guy working in our company’s Dutch branch by name “Mni Kluse”. We used to call his number and ask him whose speaking..and expect the reply “me no clues”. Used to play this prank regularly.

  6. My name, Makenzie, is so hard to remember my name that in 3rd grade my teacher misspelled my name literally at the end of the school year.

  7. I once ordered something at a shop wearing a mask and the cashier misheard my last name, Fiedler. Now I have a picture of a receipt for Mr. Hitler…

  8. My last name is Johnston and I’ve spent my entire life having to point out the “T” in my name. I remember one time when my supervisors were shocked I showed up at work …I was supposed to be on vacation, according to the schedule. I had to point out that Johnson was on vacation, not me. Coincidentally, they were wondering why the other guy hadn’t shown up for work.

  9. I used to have a boss named Ralph Siccone. He once got a piece of mail addressed to Ralph Zucchini.

  10. My dear friend Mikey, who now goes by Michael, could not get our high school office staff to call him Mikey – some sort of Protestant, patriarchal homophobia, I guess. So, they went with Mike. His last name is Hunt. Calling him to the office on the intercom resulted in uproarious laughter to be heard throughout the school. This is not a joke.

  11. d. j. bonds …yes the “J” stands for james

    sergeant major…major is a last name

    mary christmas… front desk

    sargent for a last name

  12. I’m laughing at all these. So hilarious! I’m reading them early in the morning on my bed and laugh out loud.

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