You Can Now Get Cat Sticker To Cover Up Racist Graffiti You Find On The Streets

Depending on where you live and what part of the city you are in, chances are you probably walk or drive by some racist graffiti on walls, lamp posts, or on the ground quite often. Well, someone had enough of it and made these brilliant cat stickers to cover them up.

Brilliant cat sticker.

Sure, you could always report the graffiti, or attempt to clean it up yourself, but there’s just something so satisfying about taking care of it in the most clever way possible! Not only are you covering up some terrible text or picture, but you’re giving everyone a new awesome message to read that’s positive, and it has a picture of a cat that’ll draw everyone in!

Brilliant cat sticker.

Brilliant cat sticker.

Brilliant cat sticker.

Brilliant cat sticker.

Brilliant cat sticker.

If you enjoyed this idea, you will also like a post we published a while back: a gallery of cleverly redone graffiti that shows how to creatively fight swastikas which is another way to push back against racism and bigotry with humor.

10 thoughts on “You Can Now Get Cat Sticker To Cover Up Racist Graffiti You Find On The Streets”

  1. Considering the idea that innocuous things like Math are now deemed “racist,” you’re going to need a whole lot of these stickers.

  2. I like the idea but in today’s world, some things labeled racist aren’t really racist. And some things done for equality are actually racist.

    crazy world.

  3. You will need some big stickers to cover the racist cunce hiding behind the “yeah, but everything is racist now” line. Own your racism or cover it with a cat sticker and s.t.f.u.

  4. the real issue is the class struggle. When minorities of any kind will have the money, they will be respected like any white man. (for my american friends, this is not communism, this is the solution to the root of the race and hate problem).

  5. The white victimhood is strong in these comments. You guys get down with your oppressed majority selves!

  6. Marx, you ‘re wrong. I can assure you that money and social classes aren’t the only problem, in South America we have people with tons of money and get discriminated by the dominand classes (that happened to be white descendants). The problem it is sistemic discrimination like not hiring minorities for upper level works, or not giving them a job in decision making positions, or having it harder for some to get access to education and good nutrition.

    Also I read your communism and it is impossible to apply in real life. You considered labourers as one uniform collective without noticing race, culture, education level, etc. You believed in free market, you simplified economy to production line, you were materialistic as hell. Wrong, my dear, really wrong!

    I must say that I wanted to respond to this Marx, and I ended up responding to Karl Marx himself. My bad.


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