Zombie Garden Gnomes Are a Perfect Way To Keep Everyone From Your Lawn

While we all eagerly await the zombie apocalypse and all the joys it will soon bring, these people on Etsy have started to make and sell zombie garden gnomes. These abominations will have your plants soil themselves and your ordinary garden gnomes running for cover.

Creepy zombie garden gnome.

Neckbeard zombie garden gnome.

Female zombie garden gnome.

Zombie garden gnome.

Irish zombie garden gnome.

Zombie garden gnome from Hell.

Christmas elf zombie garden gnome.

Scary zombie garden gnome.

Easter bunny zombie garden gnome.

Zombie garden gnome.

Roadkill zombie garden gnome.

Zombie garden gnome.

Zombie garden gnome.

Santa and elves zombie garden gnomes.

Zombie garden gnome.

Crawling zombie garden gnome.



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  1. Doug February 20, 2019

    Where can I get one (actually a BUNCH) of these?

  2. Bobbie February 20, 2019

    I want to order a few. How do we do it and with who?

  3. Susan February 28, 2019

    MY boyfriend would freak if I could get these!!! How much and who has them?

  4. Anonymous March 6, 2019

    I want them all. I am obsessed with creepy things. I mean it, I’m creepy

  5. ningacat March 16, 2019

    they look pretty cute to be honest

  6. ningacat March 16, 2019

    my mum would run screaming out of the room

  7. Anonymous March 18, 2019

    Perfect way to Keep Everyone From Your Lawn? Yeah, they would keep even myself from my lawn 🤔🤤

  8. vicktoria Espinoza March 29, 2019

    O want some 4 my garden, but $55.00 ea is pretty expensive 4 my poor ass, I only get $500.a more 2 live on. But I’d love 2 have @least 2 of them

  9. Yvette April 5, 2019

    Maybe I watch too much Crypttv but I could easily picture any of these coming to life by some freak accident and stalking me…
    #weird fears.

  10. hanny June 5, 2019

    that look great

  11. Anonymous June 23, 2019


  12. helpguysthisSiteiskillingme January 13, 2020

    quick question…why is this a thing?

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