14 thoughts on “The Funniest Tweets About Trump”

  1. How sad that most of these comments were made before he was President and somehow he got in.

  2. Trump and Trump supporters are big enough to take a joke and most of the above are quite funny. Let’s make a sense of humor great again!

  3. I will vote for the man again because the democrats are so bad, but oh my gosh these tweets are hilarious!

  4. the dems are terrible, but trump is worse. if you’ll excuse me im moving to canada.

  5. Love to see what everyone who thought these tweets were dumb or said they’d vote for him again think now, that he let hundreds of thousands Americans die while he golfs and thinks he’s doing a good job, brags about a test meant for cognitive issues and claims it was “hard”, didn’t he supposedly go to a university and take the SAT? Thats typically A LOT HARDER than a cognitive test designed for a suspected mental impairment 🧐

  6. Rhonda, please note you republicans are a group of white rich people who only care about themselves. Democrats are the opposite, a diverse group of people who care for each other. In my community we say “ Better to be a smart a$$ then a dumb elephant. “

  7. each party is headed up by a few rich people who expend resources to manipulate their respective herds. dems for decades have made it a priority to *appear* helpful. republicans don’t bother with that, ranting about guns, god, and small government, all the while making sure that taxpayer money gets funneled to the rich.

    o and don’t forget how the propaganda divides the rabble, imposing animosity in order to distract us and to seal the con.

    in the end the parties are just play acting to convince folks that government is still functional. the word “travesty” comed to mind

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