Really Clucking Funny Chicken Names

With posts like Chicken Daddies Calendar, Winter Chicken Fashion, and Chicken Leg Socks, you can tell that we are big fans of chickens on this site. But there’s one topic we haven’t covered yet: funny chicken names. It’s about time we do something about it. Luckily, we found this Twitter thread from @Pandamoanimum is all about funny names for chickens…

A man I sometimes chat to in the park when walking our dogs was telling me this morning about his new rescue chickens. He pretty much made my day when he told me he’d called them Hen Solo, Jabba the Cluck, Obi-Hen Kenobi and Princess Layer.

Haha, brilliant. We named some of our neighbours hens...Hen Dodd, Wingo Starr, Chick Astley, Maxine Beak and Gregory Peck. Too much time on our hands..

Nice! We have several - the ones I named are Chickira and Meryl Cheep. Chickira is by far the loudest and struts so seems fitting.

May we also introduce you to Kylo Hen, Luke Skysquarker, Obi-Wan Henobi, Hen Solo, & Princess Layer. The Force is strong with these ones...

We currently have Chickira and Tamara De Lempecker. Previous birds have been Coco Henell, Dora the Eggsplorer and Caramel chicken.

We have a Hen Solo and Princess Layer too. The other two are Chewpecker and Admiral Eggbar

we have Princess Layer, Queen Chicktoria, Lady Featherington & the Duchess Megghen

Henrietta, Meryl Cheep, Henny Penny and Cluck Norris here. Love them!

We also had a Princess Layer & three other rescues called Elhen Ripley, Katniss Everpreen and Fluffy the Vampire Layer. They arrived mostly featherless, having never felt the sun on their combs but left loved and pampered. Much missed.

I cannot like this enough! We had a Princess Layer too. No Hen Solo but Harrison Ford featured with 3 called Cindy, Anna & Jones. Lately we have mostly been working our way through women from songs - Betty, Gloria, Layla, Alison etc

We have Wyatt Oeuf, Annie Yolkley, Eggatha Christie and Gwyneth Poultry

Ha I like :) I wanted Mother Clucker last time, but was not allowed

My sister has chickens called Princess Layer, Kylo Hen, and Nugget. Named by her children.

I’m planning to get some when I retire. I’ve already called them Nugget, Kiev and Gougon. I’m veggie, but I have a twisted humour.

We've got 3 chooks called Duracell, Energizer and Everready... Battery Hens.

Come to @NottmPlayhouse pantomime - we have a chicken called Hennifer Anniston

We had Hendrix and Eggie Stobart.

Ah. We have the Lit Chicks: Emily Chickenson, Stella (Gibbons, and thus ‘Ada Doom’), plus London Tube/Overground stns- Hendon, Chicken Ongar, Peckham, and outliers (-layers?) Henley and Addlestrop.

We've had in the past... Atila the Hen, Vivien, Egglebert and Henperdinck.

Awww! We have an Eminhen!

I have three rescue chickens, they are Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle together they are DestHenny’s Child

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  1. Didn’t thumbs up e cause you said you’re lame, I just thought it was sweet. Timmy must be a very happy chicken

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