The Funniest Clothing Disasters

Whether we’re talking about poorly placed words and graphics, confusing and obscene layouts, or straight-up ugliness that literally looks like a piece of poo, some clothing design choices are just complete disasters. You would think when it comes to mass-produced clothes, a team of highly-qualified people has certainly thought about everything, playing with the design, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. The gallery below will make you say, “these designers should have kept their thoughts to themselves”.

MILF shirt design fail.

Touch this!

Dress print fail.

Anus onesie.

Shorts print fail.

Shirt print disaster.

Sweater design fail.

Hoodie design disaster.

Jeans print fail.

Skirt print fail.

Leggings print disaster.

Flower print fail.

Animal cruelty club.

Pants design fail.

Dress print disaster.

Leggings print disaster.

Short design disaster.

Mask print fail.

Underwear design fail.

Clothing disasters.

Swimsuit design disaster.

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