Winter 2022 Chicken Fashion

Are you looking for a fashionable and stylish outfit for your pet chicken? Of course you are. Scroll down to see the 2022 winter collection from the leading Etsy chicken fashion designers!

Yellow chicken hat.
Made by HereChookChook

Chicken in red sweater.
Made by AnimalFunandFashion

beautiful chicken sweater.
Made by WhimsyofWillows

Chicken koala hat.
Made by uniquelymore

Chicken camo sweater.
Made by WhimsyofWillows

Christmas chicken hat.
Made by HereChookChook

Yellow chicken sweater.
Made by AnimalFunandFashion

Beautiful chicken hat.
Made by uniquelymore

Crocheted chicken hat.
Made by uniquelymore

Made by ChikouskyFarmCreates

Pink chicken sweater.
Made by keepnbusycharlotte

Matching hats.
Made by uniquelymore

Red chicken vest.
Made by bigblueclassroom

White chicken sweater.
Made by TheSparklyhead

Chicken Santa sweater.
Made by FancyMotherCluckers

Blue chicken sweater.
Made by ChickNCheep

Chicken viking hat.
Made by uniquelymore

Funny chicken hat.
Made by TiedinKnotsCrochetUS

Turtleneck chicken sweater.
Made by bagsandmorebypam

9 thoughts on “Winter 2022 Chicken Fashion”

  1. Cute! I hope for summer she makes something with floatation devices and maybe little foot fins. Chickens can’t swim because they get waterlogged. They might like a paddle around a pool, but we just don’t know it yet.


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