16 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Salad Finally Revealed!”

  1. Right, and every election year, there is a pandemia. And so, Covid-19 was originally launched by the Democrats in order to discredit Trump. Or by the Fridays For Future movement, in order to dramatically reduce global emissions? Whatever…
    I really love American conspiracy theories ;-)

  2. A pathetic attempt to distract attention from the fact that this site – Sad and Useless – has 13 letters in its name and we all know that 13 is a worse number than 666. What are they trying to hide?

  3. But now I’ve read the comments and I’ve changed my mind I actually like salad I’d never give it up to a theory thank you comments

  4. Illuminati eat salad -> salad is roughage -> roughage makes you shit -> Illuminati are full of shit!

  5. I said, actually salad has put them over the edge and they don’t realize it’s good for them. They think they are having an icecream sundae and are getting sugarsilly.

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