23 thoughts on “Women Laughing Alone With Salad”

  1. The older women look slightly less happy—almost as if they’ve learned their salad joy lesson. Or maybe not, since they still look happy. Nothing worse than a garden salad…

  2. You know why the women are laughing right?
    Because the salad just spoke to them and they thought “so this is what going insane feels like.”

  3. It’s like with the bottles of water. Women can’t seem to find their mouths and keep pouring it all over themselves.

  4. ‘I’m sitting here in a nice restaurant with a guy, he’s having an open steak sandwich and fries, but I’m having just salad. This will show him that I am a girly-girl who will never gain weight, even if he porks up to 300 lbs. Like Doug and Carrie on ‘King of Queens’. He will be so impressed that he will propose within the month. Ahahahahaaaaa……’

  5. Poor things…shoveling salads into their “This is the only modeling gig I can land” pie holes.

  6. I was laughing at them, but as I scrolled downward, I was gripped by an overwhelming sense of fear and insecurity.

  7. I’d laugh if I hadn’t had to wash it, dry it and chop it up and arrange it in cute little bowls.

  8. Maybe they’re laughing because someone said, “Yes, you are allowed to eat the dry salad – but you are not allowed to puke it up afterward”. And they’re like, “Watch me”.

  9. The woman with the big salad in a small pot seems to just have lifted the lid, but with this much broccoli and paprika in it the lid could never have been balanced on top there.

    Also, check out :saladlaugh: Steam emoticon ;-)

  10. This reminds of the joke by Jim Gaffigan: “Did you say salad BAR?? Will there be ladies there?” These women look fairly healthy and not model-starving-herself-skinny. My guess is that they all eat a healthy, balanced diet. I think the joke is, ” You call THIS a salad!?”

    Even though it may seem like I’m weight shaming, I’m not. Beauty vs health standards are way too complex a topic for me to comment on.

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