Scented Soap That Looks Like Realistic Dog Poop

Class up the guest bathroom by setting out this realistic scented dog poop soap! This handmade soap bar and conversation piece will delight and bring a comical aspect to an otherwise mundane task. It’s available in a variety of pleasant scents: chocolate, lemon, apple, bubblegum, vanilla, blueberry, and many more. Lisa Sorrell, the mastermind behind this amazing product, claims to have a list of 400 scents she can mix up from fragrance oils.

Dog poop soap.

Please note, this is a handmade product. As poops can vary, the actual colors and patterns may vary from those pictured. It is very common for colors in melt and pour soap to begin to bleed and/or fade as they absorb the moisture in the environment. So this soap actually comes as close as possible to real shit (minus the smell).

Dog poop soap.

Dog poop soap.

Intrigued? You can get this beautiful thing on Lisa’s Etsy store.

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