20 thoughts on “Russian Priests Blessing Weapons”

  1. How many different kinds of people throughout history have justified their actions by claiming God is on their side as they attacked other people?

  2. Christianity and militarism are old bedfellows. It’s not only the Russians. The US armed forces are also full of religious lunatics – strangely, the Air Force in particular.

  3. No defending the priests by any means… but I think if they don’t bless they will all suffer and die by the hands of their leader.

  4. If these pictures aren’t staged,then they show some of the saddest, most hypocritical, actions of men (gender specificity intended).

  5. Well, Susan and Jane, there are quite a few women out there in uniform who consider themselves God-fearing and righteous, who will kill even civilians without a single qualm, and one of the commenters was right, our own US Air Force has more than you’d expect. They bombed civilian targets in Iraq without a qualm. Bloodthirstyness in the US military is not so prevalent among the enlisted, but the careerist women officers, they’re the worst.

    I came on active duty as a US Army 2LT in 1977, the year DoD abolished the WACs and was on active duty for 11 years, then finished out in the USAR and retired in 1999. I watched the change in both our society and in the military. There’s something about being unchallenged at 20,000 ft. and everybody ‘down there’ looking like ‘insects’ ( or “rag heads,” “camel Jockeys,” and some other epithets that I won’t mention here) that brings out the worst in the flyboys and girls. My guess is the female officers feel they have to be more bloodthirsty and “harder” than the men in order to show they’re as big or worse “bad asses,” so they will be “taken seriously.” It’s not about patriotism with them, but proving women can kill just like men and therefore demonstrate they are the equal to (or superior to) men, the exact opposite of all the lecturing I and the rest of American men had to listen to during the late 1960’s through the 1990’s from the Women’s Liberation Movement, who castigated all men (how’s that for sexism) as being bloodthirsty animals, but when women got their hands on the levers of powers, they avowed that then “peace will guide the planet, and love will steer the stars.” What a load of bullshit. Anyone who has worked on Capitol Hill long enough will tell you, or even private industry, that the “queen bees” are more deadly than the males. I worked for one when I was a federal civilian with the Marines at Quantico, but I observed others in other agencies and services. So knock off this hypocritical crap about men, because you women are just as capable of murder — just take a look at how current TV programs that celebrate violent and amoral women, especially if they’re on the wrong side of the law. These programs are written and produced by, yes, you women. In fact, our prisons continue to fill up at an amazing rate with women vice men, who have plateaued out, so to speak.

    And increasingly, women are committing capital crimes, vice the non-violent or less violent ones they historically committed. And we’re not talking about actions taken in self-defense. And finally, I give you the kill-crazy exemplars of The New American Woman, two Republican congresswomen, Boebart and Majorie Green, who worship gods made of metal (guns). They are your heroes/heroines, not mine. As for the Wonder Women, well, they are Marvel comic creations, not real women.

    It should be noted one of the standing informal instructions the British SAS has in dealing with terrorists is “kill the women first,” because the women tend to be the most resistant to surrender, and more willing to fight to the death, based on the SAS’ experience.

  6. Yeah, and that doesn’t even seem to help, since the Ukrainians are destroying tanks, etc.

  7. That sort of ritual happens in many countries with deep cultural ties to catholocism.

    It doesn’t give them any edge. I have yet to read of holy water stopping a bullet.

  8. besides keeping the peon tribes at bay, most religions are a scam. catholicism is the biggest one, by far. from muslims to little kids, nothing is safe from them

  9. Response to Curt Smith supposedly LTC, USAR (ret.), etc., etc.

    You being what you claim notwithstanding, the fact that MEN – I being one – have perpetrated the MAJORITY (almost ALL?) of barbarity in the world since time immemorial CANNOT be disputed.

    ANYONE, like yourself, who tries to weasel out is either naive or misrepresenting.

    That being said, a few women – VERY FEW compared to men – do join the military and will probably undertake whatever men in the military do. Also, there have been cases of female SS guards in Nazi concentration camps who were equally and in some cases more sadistic than men.

    But that does NOT change the overall picture.

    The rest of your rant is nothing more than a rant and the only thing it proves is whataboutism!!

  10. Voilà des fonctionnaires de Dieu qui ont bien compris le message du Christ, ainsi que le Décalogue : “Tu ne tueras point”…

  11. John 13: I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also love one another. 35 By this all will know that you are my disciples—if you have love among yourselves.

    Jesus said the above. This clearly shows the genuine Christian by its actions

  12. To “LittleAnnelise”:
    *Tips fedora*, why yes, in this moment, I, too, am euphoric. Not because of any phony God’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligemce.
    Irony aside, Christians are, on average, more conscientious, less suicidal, and more fertile than non-believers. This advantage persists even in hapless African-American Christian plumbers, about whom you can’t just say “oh, they’re happier because their cisgender heterosexual White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Christian male privilege gave them a better lot in life!”

    To “Not Funny But Sad”, “Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His”, “Chris”:
    Not saying that Russia’s current war in Ukraine in particular is justified, but I do think that war by itself is not an evil concept, and shouldn’t be denied of blessing. It’s not about claiming that your side alone is preferred by God, or about being a bible-thumping lunatic, or about blessing mindless violence. It’s more like wishing your soldiers good luck, and wishing your nation good luck against an enemy. It’s about praying that God makes the right decisions, and doesn’t let the soldiers fall into the sin of shooting their guns at the innocent. Again, I think that Putin’s particular decision to annex Ukraine was crass, but unlike the current war in Ukraine, not all wars are bad. As for the priests, they aren’t in the position to change the commanders’ minds. All they can do is hope and pray that the guns are used wisely and not for evil. And bless them while they’re at it.
    This unsophisticated “war is peepee-poopoo bad” mentality could have only come to be as a result of people like…
    …”SUSAN I MILLER” and her obvious sockpuppet “Jane”:
    Funny how you don’t specify WHY those actions are hypocritical. But you waste no time specifying that men do it. I’d even call you sexist for it, but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt, and go down the “men and women behave differently” route. Do you really think there’s any shortage of babushkas enabling the priests oh-so-“hypocritical” behaviour? And do you really think women aren’t more hypocritical than men in other areas? Like how little they care about the mating-and-dating crisis?
    Besides, why is it even hypocritical for a priest to bless guns? If you think that harming others, such as in war, is peepee-poopoo bad, and Christianity doesn’t allow it in any circumstances, you are severely lacking an in-depth understanding of the real Christian philosophy.

    To “Curt Smith, LTC, USAR (ret.)”:
    Very thought-provoking comment. I for one think it’s legit. But I don’t think you can stop of clown from clowning. that’s why people like us should aim to not write long replies, otherwise others will glance at our long replies and think we’re as obsessed and triggered as…
    …”S. Roy”:
    Nice vent you got there, S.(oy) Roy! Make sure to post it to Snopes if you’re such a debunker! I hope your positive non-fragile non-toxic non-masculine masculinity has finally gotten you in bed with a woman (pros-I mean “sex workers” don’t count). I’m no Casanova, but I’m a “racist sexist homophobic deplorable islamophobic pro-taliban pro-hamas pro-Netanyahu pro-Andrew Tate pro-Orange Man Drumph literally Hitler alt-right 4Chan incel”, and my personality is turning women away. Then, show me, soy Roy, how grateful these oh-so-perfect women have been for your rant against men’s “barbarity”. Otherwise, stop going around, saying that women are perfect angels.
    Unlike with Curt Smith, – all – of your rant (not just some of it) is nothing more than complaining and the only thing it proves is whataboutism!!

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