10 thoughts on “Awkward Grooming Trend: Dinosaur Cat Haircuts”

  1. The $ spent on this fad would have better used for cat food, toys, litter, and catnip. Don’t believe me? View the response of the average cat to the above items as opposed to getting a haircut.

  2. If you do this to your cat, you deserve death by murder mittens. This is absolutely ridiculous. And it’s a mean thing to do to a cat.

  3. We get our long haired cat shaved annually to help with his mats and so he can groom himself properly in the downstairs area of his body. We’ve mostly had him lion cut but once had them leave a razor back and he looked like a hyena. It keeps him cooler in the summer and absolutely is not hurting him.

  4. Cats getting groomed are going to look miserable regardless. How you shave/groom them doesn’t make a difference, particularly if they are indoor cats. Lighten up people.

  5. Wr had one long hair cat with so many mats. We had her shaved bald so that we could treat her fleas and give her less work to do. Never again would we shave any cat like that. It seem like her soul left her body.


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