People Sharing Their Dating Horror Stories

Dating can be painfully difficult, so almost everyone has a few horror stories in their back pocket to share with friends. We have compiled a list of some of the worst down below for you to read. So if you’re in a relationship, you can be glad you’ve escaped the cesspool that is modern dating. If you’re single and looking for love, please don’t let this list discourage you. Just open your favorite dating app, and let the fun times begin…

I was trying to flirt with my date, so I told her she spilled some ice cream on her chin. Turns out it was a zit. #WorstFirstDate #100%true

He took me to a frog jump festival. We had to leave early because his WIFE showed up and she has a restraining order on him. #WorstFirstDate

First date- guy said Jesus spoke to him and told him I was the one. I went to the bathroom and never returned #MyWorstDate

I once took a girl to a local pizza place for our first date. She proceeded to cover her slice of pizza in garlic powder and looked at me and said "This is just in case you were planning on kissing me later." #WorstFirstDate

As a senior in college, I asked a cute girl out. Halfway through the date, she told me that she was seriously thinking of becoming a nun after graduation in a few weeks. By the end of the date, she told me I helped her decide to take the plunge.

I met a guy online & we saw a movie on our first date. At the end of the night when acting like he was going in for a kiss he put his whole mouth over my nose & blew into it- laughing he says he does this to his dogs and calls it a “puppy trumpet” #imnotadog #WorstFirstDate

He spent the entire time insulting me, telling me how much hotter the waitress was, and then jokingly asked if I had an eating disorder because I wasn't eating (repulsed, I had no appetite) and followed it with a comment about my tits

Halfway through the meal he pulled out a small screwdriver and started cleaning his ears with it. #MyWorstDate

She showed up w/ 5 kids she was babysitting. There weren't enough seats so I had to sit at a different table.

He still lived at home with his parents, so he had to sneak me in & that's when I found out about the Ninja Turtle sheets...

It was to a ball game. Guy kept getting up, asking me if I needed stuff. Lines are long I get it. But he kept getting up, being gone, I eventually had the entire concession stand. Finally he got up again and I followed him. He had another date on the other side of the field.

Before our dinner had even come out, he informed me that he finds vaginas “offputting” and prefers not to touch them with his mouth or hands

#WorstFirstDate he talked about himself all through dinner, then drove me around to show me where all his ex gfs lived. #truestory

#WorstFirstDate I thought he was into fitness because he had on an ankle weight. He was actually on parole and it was an ankle monitor.

I went to pick him up, he didn’t have a car (which is fine) and when i got to his house he was like i have no money (also fine) but he didn’t plan like anything so we just sat at his house awkwardly until i decided i was over it 😂then he called me a bitch for not staying

Online date, at a fancy restaurant. Told me that women shouldn’t work, gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, ranted about how he hated his female boss and closed out the evening saying that his grandfather was a nazi and he was proud of that fact. #WorstFirstDate

Had a guy ask me out for dinner and a movie. Waited for him at the restaurant, when he arrived he looked at me weird then said, "I don't remember you being this ugly," and left. I still had dinner at the restaurant and went to the movie by myself.

Matched with someone on tinder. He invites me to a bar/grill for drinks to meet. I get there, his whole family is there and then I find out it’s literally an hour after a family funeral. Then he sang awkward karaoke and then told his family i was his girlfriend.

Within 5 minutes of sitting down to dinner, the lady whipped out a handwritten epic poem (at least 50 pages) about how she had broken up with her last boyfriend because he loved weed. She then proceeded to read the poem aloud in a crowded restaurant.

I went on a tinder date and asked him to tell me something as I finish the free dessert we got. (He said he didnt like desserts...) He decided to go with: “did you know that statistically speaking, your significant other is the person most likely to murder you?”

Showed up 8 hours early. To my parents house. Had no cash for dinner. The concert tickets were for...the night before. Then he played Metallica on my mom’s guitar.

He showed up 1 hour late, drove thru McDonalds("You want anything?"), parked at a zoo & said "I got a condom"

He asked me to meet him at his house. It turns out it’s his parents house. He lives in the basement. He didn’t have a car. He wanted me to give him a haircut before going. I still went to dinner. He ordered for me. Insisted on it.

What’s your dating horror story? Let us know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “People Sharing Their Dating Horror Stories”

  1. Not a first date but…going to the high school prom (with the person who would later cheat on me) when driving up the top of a country road hill a confused bird just sat in the road and then flew up at the last second, getting hit by my card and rolling across my hood with bird poop flying all over my freshly cleaned car. At the time I did not know this would indicative of the evening.

  2. Some of these sound like excuses or ways to get yourself out of a date without telling the other that you changed their mind.
    I mean, it’s still pretty shitty, but who knows what kind of stories are told on the other side.

  3. My favorite. Blind date that didn’t work out. I was not attracted, I guess he was not either. The thing was, he drove me home and pointed out a few urgent cares and the emergency room. Like I was going to kill myself because he didn’t like me that way lol.

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