Funny Reasons Why People Were Unmatched On Dating Apps

As promising as Tinder and other dating apps can be, using them often feels like a constant cycle of matching and ghosting. One moment, you’re kinda hitting it off with someone, the next you’re wondering how can a person be this delusional and borderline insane. Featured below is a list of people explaining why they got unmatched, and it perfectly illustrates the weird reality of modern dating.

A man on a dating app felt the need to tell me because I'm 27 and a woman I've only got a maximum of 5 good years left dating, but because he's a man he'll only get more attractive with age. I said not if his hairline keeps receding. He unmatched me.

i matched w a girl on tinder and her bio said “4’9 with glasses!” and so i opened with “how tall are you without glasses?” and she unmatched :/

I was on a dating app and a guy jokingly wrote “what should we name our first child?” as his intro message and I had to tell him that in fifth grade I lost a bet to my best friend Hannah and have to without question name my first born child Megatron and then the man unmatched me

I put my height in my tinder bio and 6 men unmatched with me.....i’m gonna break into y’alls houses and put all the remotes on top of the fridge

wtf guy on bumble was like "I don't like bumble can we talk on snap?" I was like "I don't have snap u can message me on insta" and he was like "I don't have insta what about kik" I was like "I don't have kik what abt comments section of youtube video" and he unmatched me

A guy on hinge had a prompt about liking dad jokes so I commented, “what do you call a fish wearing a bowtie?" and he matched with me and replied “lol what?” so I said “sofishticated” and then he unmatched me

Matched with a guy on tinder whose bio was “actor/general clown” & I messaged him & said “General Clown thank you for your service” & he unmatched me. I’m heartbroken

this girl on bumble just asked why i had my feet blurred in photos so i said no free content and she literally unmatched me lmaooooo

I matched on hinge with a guy and one of his prompts was about liking carbonara so I sent him a message about carbonara’s kind of interesting history of being fancy now but originally being a dish created by lower class rural Italians with cheap ingredients and he unmatched me

Someone on tinder just unmatched me mid-conversation because I said I liked ketchup so yes it's going great

if anyone is wondering how dating apps are going, yesterday i matched with a guy on Hinge and he told me he was a Red Wings fan. i told him that’s perfect he matched with me since he’s used to disappointment. he unmatched me this morning

I told y’all i hit rock bottom and am back on dating apps.

i matched with a guy who immediately messaged me and told me he wasn’t gay and then he unmatched me

Once a guy unmatched me because when he asked what kind of dog I had I said a mutt. I like to think it's becahse I didn't say a good dog.

Got unmatched on a dating app for using proper grammar.

I matched with someone on Tinder and they asked me for help setting up their IKEA drawers. I helped. They unmatched. Is this what love is?

i matched with a guy on bumble who had a line in his profile that said that the person who texted him the most was his mom so i messaged him, “no way your mom is also the person who texts me the most” and he unmatched me

girl on tinder asked for my hobbies and unmatched me when i said chess

Throwback to when I matched with someone on tinder...

still thinking about a guy that unmatched me because I didn't know beetle juice was a musical

a girl on tinder asked me “what’s up” and i said “eating a hot dog in bed” and she unmatched me

A guy unmatched me on tinder after I told him I was a comedian, which honestly, really makes me respect him.

Have you ever been unmatched for a weird reason? Let us know in the comment section below!

22 thoughts on “Funny Reasons Why People Were Unmatched On Dating Apps”

  1. Wow….
    I never had to, nor ever will use dating apps. But wow, this scene is really speed blind dating without any commitment or feelings.
    Cold and dark times for love

  2. No one has a sense of humor these days. Some of these comebacks are great and it’s probably a blessing they were unmatched.

  3. Txt messages back and forth is not how getting to know someone works, I guess the world is finally figuring that out 🤪

  4. Well my very first match on a dating site was a catfisher. I was reading things about what can happen and there I was. Lol

  5. The guy that got unmatched because chess is his hobby was surprised? Couldn’t even make the reason sound not boring…

  6. Honestly, I cracked up reading these. Yes, it’s true online dating can be a total shit-show. However, after moving cross country a few years back. I decided to give it a try because I didn’t know anyone in the area. I joined Match for one month, Lots of men reached out asking to meet in overwhelming numbers. I was truly humbled by the sheer volume of suitors. After about a week I started chatting with a very kind highly intelligent Doctor. He had a great talent for making me laugh. I’m an extremely cautious person. Like all the other men that asked me out, I turned him down the first few times he asked. He soon wore me down, gladly answering all my questions to make me comfortable. And was willing to drive the two hours that separated us to meet on my home turf.
    Long story short… He’s the only person I ever met up with. Fast forward (4 1/2) years. We are still together, crazy in love. And without a doubt the most fulfilling relationship I have ever known. To this day. We still have never argued. The point of all this info is to let people know, that online dating can and does turn out to be a wonderful thing. Just be honest in your profile and don’t use old or photoshopped pictures.

  7. “oh yeah you wear a uniform and equipment to work as an adult temper tantrum expert on the streets? Lemme just book by cover you real quick and never speak to you again” LOL

  8. I tried online dating because all the ads were attractive ladies. When I joined all they matched me with were at least 80 years old and very deficient on the looks side. I’m not joking when I tell you one of them was in a wheel chair and wearing oxygen. I was only in my 60s.

  9. Dear OPF,

    Not sure what all that incoherent nonsense is even supposed to mean. But please do all your future unfortunate dates a solid. And seek out a Doctor of your very own. In fact, run boy… Do not walk, to the nearest mental health professional. And for the love of God. Stay off all dating apps… LOL

  10. I have to agree dating apps are crazy! Most people are not who they pretend to be.Its all fake just like all the other social media.

  11. It’s easy to connect with people over the internet…
    … it’s too easy to disconnect from them.
    I’m also in the group of giving up on the cesspool of online dating.

  12. Yes fake and full of average women who think they are movie stars gold diggers out for what they can get who would dump you after spending all your money and soon as the next guy comes along adios ameago

  13. I’ve met several good women on dating apps and got it off with one. Hopefully off of them for good!
    My search age range was 49-62.

  14. A Bumble match asked me about my photo where I was on a mosaic couch in the middle of the desert with a hat on my lap. I told her I was trying to rep my George Castanza. Then sent a gif of George Castanza’s underwear photoshoot in Seinfeld. She unmatched me and possibly deleted the app.

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