86 thoughts on “Did You Know That Spiders Have Adorable Tiny Paws?”

  1. For those who don’t like spiders as much as I do, this just goes to show that everything has its own charms.

  2. I love spiders (even the poisonous ones) My grandmother’s teaching was to not kill spiders. She said they would spin a web for you to cross into heaven.

  3. I use to have a Giant Bird Eating Tarantula ( SAF ), his name was “White Zombie” he ate baby mice, birds, etc. He was a great companion. He would let me pet him on the head! He would stand on my leg and watch TV! Then I married my third wife and she said, “He’s outta here”!

  4. Well I have a Spider tattoo on my back and love it ! Guess I should go in and have the gal who did it put some fuzzy ends on its paws ! Bet I’d get a lot of “ What in the World is that ? “

  5. I have fond memories of Lily. When I was a student teacher, one of my students brought her in one day. She was so beautiful, with red striped legs. God does not make mistakes.

  6. Ha! Who knew! My friends would certainly not agree that they are adorable, but I’m fascinated. The pictures were beautiful particularly the very close up ones. I’m referred to as the Snake Lady and the Spider Lady here at the lake. Friends and neighbors text me with pictures to ID their finds. Have a Herpetologist and an Arachnidologist to I confer with when I’m stumped or unsure. Love it, learning every day.

  7. I am one of those people who have such bad arachnophobia that i can’t stand to be in proximity of any spider that is visible. BUT these little paws of spiders are super cute! as long as I don’t have to look at the actual spider, i can pretend that these paws belong to kittens!

  8. I have never seen a spider that I have liked. When I was a kid, I came out of a field covered in spiders, beat them off me and ran all the way home. I have never been able to stand them since. I do not find any spider loveable nor will I until the day I die. UGGG..

  9. Chantelle thank you for the 2 clawed paws fantastic magnification ,did you ever see the photograph of Caroline holding the Tarantulas in Singapore Zoo when the keepers were trying to see her perameters of fear , I was on the other side of the door trying to look nonchalant
    Great stuff
    Love to you and Gregg

  10. I think spiders would be less scary if they didn’t…
    -bite you
    -spin their webs in your house
    But what freaks ppl out is that this small creature can jump on your face and then it’s gone. If it was bigger and it didn’t jump, people would like it as much as the butterfly.

  11. Reasons why not to kill spiders:
    -they eat mosquitoes
    -you don’t use your roof anyway
    -they eat flies, too
    -easy Halloween decorations
    -100% free

  12. Spider feets= CUTE
    I wonder if these are tarantulas or jumping spiders which are mini tarantulas
    I LOVE spiders and almost any other arthropod!

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