Under-Desk Testicles Stress Ball For When You’re Extra Stressed at Work

These scrotum shaped stress balls is a vulgar way to take out your stress at the office or at home. Simply attach the dangling balls to the underside of your desk, and whenever you feel your stress levels rising, reach over and give the balls a quick squeeze and tug. Now the only thing you have to worry about is Nancy from HR walking in on you squeezing your balls underneath your desk.

Anti-stress balls.

Aptly named NiceBalls, the under-desk scrotum stress balls are made by a Spanish company called Imaginarte, and are available on Amazon for $19.99 proving once again that Spanish people are a little weird.

Anti-stress balls.

The company that makes this ridiculous thing assures us that it eliminates muscle knots and tension, breaks up adhesions and stimulate blood flow and delivers some kind of therapeutic relief. However, to us it sounds like a bunch of made up bullshit, and we’re are pretty sure that they made this product just because it’s hilarious.

Anti-stress balls.

NiceBalls is made up using hypoallergenic PVC and hypoallergenic oil, so it won’t give you an allergic reaction. That’s good to know because it would be really dumb to stress about potential health issues while squeezing an anti-stress ball.

Anti-stress balls.

Anti-stress balls.

Should you really spend twenty bucks for something this stupid? Well, it depends. Do you have someone you hate who’s having a birthday soon? If yes, it might be worth it.

Anti-stress balls.

Anti-stress balls.



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  1. The Truth About Love January 28, 2020

    Pink!? Just give me a reason!

  2. Alisa January 28, 2020

    Because it is lovely

  3. Anonymous January 28, 2020

    Pink like all the Pepto Bismol you’ll need if you get fixated on these rubber bollocks.

  4. Anonymous January 28, 2020

    As a guy, this is pretty much the LAST thing you want to teach people to squeeze away their stress on. Handle gently, please. :)

  5. Anonymous January 28, 2020

    You can pretend they’re your bosses’! 😆

  6. Sallye January 28, 2020

    Give secretly to an enemy for birthday. Make sure to invite HR Mgr to the festivities for cake.

  7. Ken January 29, 2020

    I already have two of those attached to me

  8. Kirk January 29, 2020


  9. Flex January 30, 2020

    The only balls u have

  10. pjcamp February 1, 2020

    Guaranteed trip to HR.

  11. James.Eva June 5, 2020

    Don’t make excuses for failure, just find a way for success

  12. DadOfClancy May 29, 2021

    Happy Memorial Day, all our Vetwrans! Nothing but ☮❤

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