17 thoughts on “Movies Explained So Badly That It’s Brilliant”

  1. Regarding Forrest Gump – Jenny was trying to protect Forrest from herself – she was a addicted, abused mess and she knew it. She loved him but didn’t want him involved in her screwed-up life.

  2. What movie is “Small town doctor brings three people closer together.”? I don’t recognize it.

  3. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Blackbeard has invaded our comments section!!!!!

    Oh, wait, that was Edward Teach. My bad. Carry on.

    Pickles is very right; however, this post is just based off the first impression most people get from the movie. So, they’re both right…??????

    This post needs more capybaras.

  4. A young girl arrives in a new city, kills an old woman, and is hired to kill again.
    (There! Take that Dorothy!)

  5. Keanu reeves, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom hanks are the big winners of this meme. I am not sure about Johnny Depp though. From one side he took part in three of the movies mentioned, but on the other hand you can only see him on one cover.

  6. I actually know one of the actresses forming the centipede, so those jokes never get old for me. For her, probably. I’ve never asked.

  7. Actually for the Forrest Gump one it would’ve been two in a half decades as Jenny didn’t really start taking advantage of him and abandoning him until about 1963 (presumably) and she married him in 1981 thus putting an end to it.

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