30 thoughts on “Awkward 1970s Male Fashion”

  1. in times of selfies and mobile cameras, in 50 years time can be you wearing today’s fashion….
    be careful

  2. Having grown up in The Decade That Taste Forgot (1970s), I can attest to the actual existence of these so-called fashions. It was a hideous visual assault. Sundays were the worst when everyone would wear their “hip” fashions. Blech!

  3. Because one is enough, when it’s you.
    Show where you’re headed in the ultimate fashion climax.
    Fits so tight it shows all you’ve got… you’re a walking turn-on.
    And treats your body as well as she does.

    Easy on, easy off, quick as a flick of her tongue.
    Sexy cool crinkle cloth for those hot nights to come.
    Designed with your desires in mind… she’ll eat you alive in it.

    The Big Zip in 50% polyester / 50% cotton.
    Long-sleeved in rust, blue or black.
    Short-sleeved in natural, blue or camel.

    Are you man enough to fill it?”

  4. I am somewhat ashamed to admit, I am in those photos. I used to be a fashion “model” for men’s clothes, it was a short-lived job, and every time these pics pop up, I cringe.

    No, I won’t tell you which one was me, but it was one of the younger blondes.

  5. They don’t look, despite the hair and clothes, like a bunch of neutered creatures. They look like men with horrible fashion taste. But for one shot, they don’t look gay. As for the clothes & fashion; I was around back then and never saw those ugly style knits anywhere! Thank goodness.

  6. Sorry, I was a teenager in 70’s. I never saw any guy dress like that here in Texas. Dont know where this was going on.

  7. I don’t have a problem with the night shirts. Men have been wearing them for centuries. As far as the thermals go, they still look the same today. But the rest of it is just plain awful.

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