126 thoughts on “People Are Photoshopping Trump As a Little Kid Just To Annoy Him”

  1. We have always respected all of our presidents This President gives none and should not be given any.

  2. OMG!!! I need medical assistance from laughing so hard!!! I think I laughed up all my internal organs! This is beyond hysterical!!!

  3. Lmao. So are grown adults actually taking the time to post this childish shit !! Lmao. More proof the left and democrats are been more hysterical !!

  4. Remember how Hillary Clinton gave 20% of our uranium to Russia? They should put her in the pictures. Maybe they could have her bleach bit her hard drive. Maybe they could have Obama letting all those hardened criminals out of jail. I believe it was about 2300. Or if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

  5. A man who acts like a child, lies 20,000 times, is a corrupt, evil criminal and godless, gives no one respect, deserves none. He earns every meme, every day. He should be in prison. In Siberia. Worst human being to steal,our presidency in history,

  6. Omg so dam funny I have too say they all r great! So glad this most disrespectful person will not be represent the AMERICAN people no longer! He was Hitler in the making! Ty for the much needed laughter 💕

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