Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids

Photo by Jonathan Laberge



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  1. They are right. It is probably a good thing that I don’t have children!! LOL!

  2. Hahaha, I love kids! They’re messy and they stink but they’re some of the best people I’ve ever met.

  3. Better make an article “Why we should have kids” …’cause this is the real meaning of life

  4. Where is the parent/where are the parents… taking a nap, smoking a joint ?,watching TV ? Most of these pictures indicate that there has been NO SUPERVISION for quite some time. Then take their pictures and laugh about it. Condoning more BAD BEHAVIOR!! Disgusting!!!

    • OMG! What a bundle of happy you are! NOT!

    • I have gone to the bathroom only to come out and the child I left sleeping in his crib has climbed out, broken down a gate and gotten on top of the fridge.
      It really doesn’t take long.

    • You are one of those people that call cos frequently aren’t you anonymous. Kids can do anything in any amount of time. People’s brains aren’t fully developed until they’re like twenty five. Your saying if I have a seven year old boy I should take him to the bathroom with me so that my eyes are on him constantly and I should hover over his bed while he sleeps, jeez. Kids are resourceful and awesomely imaginative, and they can make 30 seconds of alone time into 10 hours worth of mess. I remember my son getting into bag balm and slathering himself with it in like 30 seconds and after many baths he was still slippery for days. Looking back on it. It’s a great memory and it taught him not to do that more than me telling him a billion times not to play with it.

    • The parents could have been doing dishes, showering, or just in the next room! Just because the kids make a mess doesn’t mean that their parents are taking a nap or doing drugs. lol My husband and I live in a tiny one roomed apartment with our 14 month old daughter who has slathered herself in butt paste while my back was turned doing dishes. It’s kind of miraculous how quickly they can make messes and get into things they aren’t supposed it. As for taking the pictures of their bad behavior. You can’t usually laugh at it right then but someday you can look at those pictures with them and laugh about what a little terror they could be. Especially when they start telling you about messes that their kids have made. :)

  5. i hate babies and small children. never gonna have any

  6. Where were the parents. Im sure most of tgese incidents could have been prevented if the parents knew wtf there kids were up to.

  7. OMG, where is your sense of humor???

  8. Eeeek,not for me!!!!!

  9. In the short time it took me to load the dishwasher, my toddler completely un-rolled 3 rolls of toilet paper. I’m just thankful he didn’t try flushing them. I’m convinced he’s part monkey because another time he managed to get the powder off the top of the dresser (still have know idea how he managed to get up there) and dump it all over his room. You really can’t blink around a rambunctious toddler.

  10. My kids are very busy girls one day I had to run to the store leaving my hubby at home with them. When he was sitting down giving the 6 month old her bottle the other two ages 2,3 climbed out the bathroom window ( all doors to the outside were locked ) got on their bikes and decided to try an follow mommy ( in the car) when I got back 10 minutes later they were gone . We found them all the way across town safe thank god we live in a small town. If you blink they can disappear or do major damage

  11. ALL this is OK…Under supervision!!! We want civilization in 20 years PLeASE!

  12. I’m totally going for kids :D I’m a 21-year-old guy, and I hang out with kids a lot.
    Yes, they’re sometimes messy, noisy, smelly, and inconvenient. But they’re such a blessing.
    To quote my pastor, “Children are a glorious inconvenience.”
    There’s so much I learn from kids about just being honest, and not keeping up an act all the time. Children are totally worth all the trouble!!

  13. Looking at these pictures made my ovaries shrivel up.

  14. To each there own.

  15. Should be images on every condom box.

  16. I love kids, anyway. I was one myself and some of these pics remind me…

  17. Until you have one or two you won’t get the humour in this and that’s fine but for those of us that have had kids I bet each and every one of you have had to cut a baby grow off and bin it because the idea of putting a piece of clothing thru your washing machine that has poop welded from foot to armpit in it was just not happening! That’s another tenner in the bin and to those of you who can’t deal with shitty situations don’t have kids.

  18. People are just too serious. Get over yourselves.

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