21 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids: Reminder To Use Birth Control”

  1. I engaged with my ADHD boys every waking second and despite valiant efforts these things happened. I’m still exhausted and they moved out three years ago.

  2. I don’t know what it is about kids smearing things with paint, condiments, diaper cream… other substances. They are absolutely obsessed with it. I love my three, but actual parenting is hard work — as that last photo attests. God bless ’em.

  3. Kids will ruin your life, and if given the chance the lives of everyone around them.

  4. For every picture of a horrible kid here there is a parent that found it more important to take a picture than to deal with the burning crisis.
    It’s like boomer-parenting, only without technophobia.

  5. My mom doesn’t understand my hatred *ahem* extreme dislike against little kids. This post might make her feel grateful that she had me instead of one of these little shirts

  6. why are you putting hate on kids?…there innocent i know you see these pics and more but still not all kids are like this id rather have a kid and teach them not and what to do❤️

  7. Aww, look at the little shits tearing up your house. Dislike this, sure. Never being a parent. MAYBE adopt a teen? I mean, it’s better to adopt than to repopulate stupid people.

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