Comedian Creates Hilarious Fake Christmas Toy Gifts And Places Them In Stores

Comedian Jeff Wysaski created brilliant funny Christmas toy parodies and distributed them in local stores. Why? For the lulz, of course.

Stop hitting yourself!


Covered in spiders, man!

Penguins are so stupid!

Weird dogs.

Dad fighter console.

USA doctor kit.

Jego is so much fun!

Sports are dumb!

Please take my baby!

The Incredible Fella.

Anger disc.

Steve Wars action toy.

Every kid's dream toy.

The greatest video game ever.

Drug bot.

Bruce is the greatest doll ever!

Stabby Patch Kids doll.

Funny fake toy.

Pandas are stupid!

Real supervillain.


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  1. Rooflessly Floorless December 4, 2018

    I’m angry about plastic pollution. I’ll be writing that on my anger disc before throwing it away.

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