18 thoughts on “Forgotten Words That Need To Come Back”

  1. So fitting for today. The Grumbletonians are obviously upset about the state of our Kakistocracy.


  2. Wonderful! Where are these from? I recognize at least a couple from Mrs. Byrne’s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words.

  3. Hum, I have used a few of these words.How about QUANKED,to be overpowered by fatigue.Old Scots, I believe.

  4. Sufferring from dysania and feeling frobly-mobly I am grefling today. I’ll perendinate my chores. No mater what you may think I am not philogrobolized!

  5. There are times I am zwoddered after a bad night, and then stravage about, elflocked and frobly-mobly, fudgeling and looking to groke

  6. Callipygian turns up in a song (ca. 1961) about Vikki Dougan, a model and actress who became famous for wearing gowns that were extremely low-cut in back. The Limeliters sang, “Vikki, turn your back on me,” and praised her “callipygian cleft.”

  7. Cacapygian is a good word, very descriptive.

    Steatopygian would be another excellent word and that is one you can use every day

  8. Callipygian (callypigos) is actually a greek word: cally=good and pigos = butt. Same goes for cacoethes caco-ethes = bad ethics- morals.

  9. We live with a kakistocracy led by a ultracrepidarian snollygoster who spends as much time every day fudgelling as he can while his closest followers of grufeling in the flag grumbletonians perendinate the day away.

  10. Is a bunch of kids not living with their own families, pretending to be corrupt politicians a foster imposter snollygoster roster?

    Or is that just twaddle from too much twa(dd)ttling?

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