63 thoughts on “Top 20 Absolute Worst Things In The World”

  1. WOW! These are all really good. I wouldn’t have even thought of any of them, but they’re all legit! One of my pet peeves is when people say “ATM Machine” or “PIN Number”. You don’t go to the automated teller machine machine, nor do you enter your personal identification number number. You go to the ATM and you enter a PIN. Or RAM memory, etc. Drives me absolutely bonkers.

  2. I was laughing at some of these – I may or may not have OCD on some of these.

    My #1 is not putting a dish in the sink/dishwasher when done with it. My #2 is not refilling the brita water filter jug and leaving it empty haha :)

  3. These are spot one. My #1 is I hate being tapped on the shoulder, weird I know. Workwise it’s explaining for the millionth time “just take a screenshot of the report parameters”, sigh.

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