Top 20 Absolute Worst Things In The World

Warning: the following post is not for the faint-hearted! Scroll down only if you are 100% sure that you can handle it!

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?

Don't you just love when this happens?


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  1. Anonymous August 8, 2019

    First world problems….

  2. Anonymous August 8, 2019

    Monsters! You are going to give people nightmares for YEARS with those images!

  3. Geir-Andre August 8, 2019

    Easily solvable problems, retards …

  4. B August 8, 2019

    Interesting how some posts here just lead to insults. I would not have guessed this would be one.

  5. Phishfreak August 8, 2019

    Geir – Andre – Here is an easily solvable problem; STOP USING THAT WORD YOU IGNORANT POTATO.

  6. Anonymous August 8, 2019

    Some people need a humour transplant – not mentioning any names that sound like Geir-Andre

  7. Anonymous August 8, 2019

    Of all the things I have been able to improve in my 65 years here on earth, there are only about 10-items that still haunt me, well let’s restate this! I do not us three binders anymore, the power cord adapters isn’t that big of an issue, I can only hear out of one ear and use headphones, I am a cat person, I stopped use pencils, I do not eat out of boxes, I do not eat cookies, or butter bread, BUT, YES a BIG BUT, when I eat peanut butter on bread and it slips out of my hand… It always lands on with the peanut butter facing DOWN!! Someone needs to track the % of this, I bet it is like 95% of the time facing down!!

  8. Fauna Joy August 8, 2019

    Mythbusters tested the butter side down problem, and found it was 50-50. It all depends on how it’s dropped.

  9. Retard August 9, 2019

    This is fun!

  10. Cambodia Dave August 10, 2019

    Some of the comments here are proof positive that people will manifest their disempowerment on the internet at literally the tiniest of inciting triggers.

  11. Gibran August 10, 2019

    All so true. I probably can´t sleep tonight.

  12. Anonymous August 10, 2019

    In response to anonymous and peanut buttered bread. Though according to physics all objects fall at the same rate of speed so long as wind and aerodynamics are not a factor. However, the side with peanut butter is heavier. Since the peanut butter’s total density is greater than the total density of the piece of bread the gravity of the Earth has a greater effect on it. Probably it won’t happen every time but friction and aerodynamics will play a role. Best thing: Don’t let the bloody thing drop.

  13. Thor August 10, 2019

    The Pringles dilemma is offset by the knowledge that you get a full can of chips. Worse is opening a bag and seeing that you bought 75% air.

  14. Timothy August 10, 2019

    these are the worst things ever

  15. Robbie August 10, 2019

    If bread is dropped from random heights, or flipped randomly into the air, it will fall butter-side-down (or peanut butter, or jam) about half the time — the same probabilities as tossing a coin.

    But if a normal-sized slice of bread is knocked off a table, which is where it’s almost always going to start from in the real world, there’s just enough space for it to tumble through 180 degrees before hitting the floor. Which means it really will land butter-side-down most of the time in real life. It’s an unintended function of human ergonomics, which dictate both the height of tables and the size of a piece of bread.

  16. Anonymous August 10, 2019

    Yes as well as yes,

  17. JoJo August 10, 2019

    The small strip of paper towel left hanging on the roll made me chuckle. I hate it when that happens! :)

  18. Laura August 10, 2019

    These are funny!

  19. Anonymous August 10, 2019

    Geir-Andre, of course they’re solvable! That’s not the point! Sheesh, dude.

  20. Kjetil August 10, 2019

    Good god… theres like only one or two of those things i cant relate to! (And to whoever said these things were easy to fix… clearly doesnt understand the concept of easy. What would you suggest? Walking the dog with no leash? Not wear pants with belt loops? Remove all door handles? wake up an hour earlier to give butter time to heat up? And many of the others I cant even find a difficult way to fix…

  21. Anonymous August 10, 2019

    Love it!

  22. jimmyrustled August 11, 2019

    most are user caused..and easily attention to details and this won`t happen

  23. Anonymous August 11, 2019


  24. Troll butter August 11, 2019

    They made me smile. Thanks for posting these

  25. Maxwell Silverhammer. August 12, 2019

    Petty posh. Slight case of Murphy’s law sprinkled with a bit of pathos.

  26. Michael Castro August 27, 2019

    Finally! It’s good to know there are others who share my anguish!

  27. Blick August 31, 2019

    “The horror. The horror.” Col. Kurtz

  28. lehman September 1, 2019

    ain’t it the little things?

  29. KB November 12, 2019

    It’s ALWAYS the little things…

  30. Anonymous November 12, 2019

    I’ve gone through 7 loaves of bread to test the ratio of which side falls face down to the floor with peanut butter, and 87% of the time the peanut butter hits the floor. ( And only 39% of the time the paper towel I cleaned it up with had that leftover hanging chad thing going on. I plan to publish my results.

  31. Chris November 12, 2019

    Did anyone mention MONK?

  32. Chicken Little November 12, 2019

    How many times has my belt loop gotten caught in the door handle and i could have had a heart attack and died. Oh, the humanity!

  33. Raymond Eriksen November 13, 2019

    Absolutely priceless!! Best one so far!
    Puuuuuurleeeeze keep em coming, you are the best!

  34. Anonymous November 13, 2019

    if the bread falls with the peanut/jam/butter on the top nd not to the floor, it is because YOU put the peanut/jam/butter on the wrong side of the bread !

  35. Amy W November 14, 2019

    The one with the lined paper – Is the problem the weird way the paper tore or the triple integral calculus?

  36. Chloe November 16, 2019

    Anonymous re: peanut better on bread.
    The whole law of physics is that density has nothing to do with rate of fall. 9.8 m/s/s regardless of density. A basketball filled with feathers falls at the same rate as a basketball full of lead.
    Regardless, the peanut butter bread has the exact same density no matter which side is down.

    Please lighten up! This is meant to be all in fun!

  37. Jonas Grumby November 17, 2019

    Try being shipwrecked on an uncharted island with 6 other people

  38. Anonymous December 15, 2019

    Measuring cup dribble solution:
    Wipe a bit of butter under the spout, on the outside if the cup. Liquid will not cross it
    Life just got better.

  39. anas February 18, 2020

    its uselesss,nothing is worst in all these

  40. Who..? February 20, 2020

    Showed this to my friend with cod

  41. Who..? February 20, 2020


  42. kim April 26, 2020

    omg i have done every single one of these dumb things I can relate

  43. Anonymous May 17, 2020

    I dont see whats so bad about reading

  44. Anonymous August 4, 2020

    what is this this is stupid

  45. anonymous October 19, 2020

    what about when people don’t erase something on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or paper fully.
    also this entire page is dedicated to ocd.

  46. 🥵 January 3, 2021

    I am literally hyperventilating bc of this right now

  47. Anonymous January 27, 2021


    seriously guys there is a whole covid outbreak murders fear of dying and you are scared of mixed up airpods ugh shows how soft people have becomr

  48. Anonymous January 27, 2021

    haha so stupid

  49. Anonymous April 9, 2021


  50. Anonymous April 9, 2021

    a stupid guy made this im being honest

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