“World’s Fattest Cat” Instagram Owner Battles Accusations of Animal Cruelty

The owner of a severely overweight cat that many have dubbed the world’s fattest cat is facing accusations of animal cruelty for allowing her pet to get so big. Lyznia The Cat, an Instafamous feline whose adorable face and unenviable figure have earned it thousands of followers on the popular social network, recently landed her owner in hot water. After photos of the obese cat started doing the rounds online, her owner started receiving criticism for overfeeding her pet and not caring about her wellbeing. However, the owner has since hit back at her critics, saying that Lyznia has been having weight problems ever since she first became pregnant a few years ago.

Fat cat.

“There are some misunderstandings. So let’s make them clear. We have never tried to overfeed Liznya,” the cat’s owner wrote in a post. “Some people wrote we do it on purpose. How do you imagine that? She even refuses to eat any other food than her diet food. It is true that our cat was pregnant and spayed after it, but we do not claim this is the exact reason for her to become obese.”

Fatty fat fat cat.

The owner went on to explain that Lyznia ballooned after her first pregnancy, and despite repeated visits to a vet, there was no stopping her weight gain. The feline was prescribed various types of food, but she continued to pile on weight until she was put on just 29 grams of Royal Canin per meal. “She seems to have stopped gaining weight with her current plan, but still there are problems with losing it,” Lyznia’s owner said.

Chubby cat.

Although comparing recent photos to ones posted when Lyznia’s account was first opened, in 2020, clearly shows that the cat has gained a lot of weight in recent years, her owners insist that she can still walk, play and even pretend to hunt. They do however admit that she needs to be more active.

Fat cat.

Despite all the explanations, accusations of animal cruelty kept coming in in the comments, with many accusing her owner of slowly killing Lyznia. What’s your opinion? Is Lyznia’s owner overfeeding the cat for some cheap internet fame, or do you believe her explanation?

14 thoughts on ““World’s Fattest Cat” Instagram Owner Battles Accusations of Animal Cruelty”

  1. “…has been having weight problems since becoming pregnant…”
    I have known many human women that us that excuse. All of them just needed to improve their diet and do some exercise.

  2. Unless she has a rare metabolic problem, Lyznia should be losing weight if she’s only eating 1 ounce of food per meal (though the owner doesn’t say how many meals she gets a day). I’m also bothered by her saying “first pregnancy,” as a responsible pet owner shouldn’t be letting a cat get pregnant even once, much less multiple times. I think it’s *possible* that the owner is telling the truth about the cat’s weight, but the story does sound very unlikely.

  3. If people minded their own business and critiqued themselves, it would be a nicer world. But it’s much more fun to call others terrible people.

  4. Pretty sure the folks that are bitching about the cat will get over it. They can’t do anything about it but whine.

  5. I have 6 cats. All former ferals that showed up at my back door in need of a home. One thing I know is that “cat people” are in general, nuts. I believe this lady. But patient explanations don’t help with the self-appointed “cat experts.” Sounds like it has the vet stumped too.

  6. I would recommend still feeding the cat, but just try feeding her less food. And try to make sure she is getting enough exercise too. Examples: Let her walk around the house, or give her a fun toy to play with. :)

  7. If you are fat, have a fat cat or child without a medical condition. You are just lazy and ignorant. It’s time to be a adult and take responsibility. 🤷‍♂️

  8. If I had the choice to eat as much as I want and lounge about with no requirement to work or complete necessary tasks then I’d be down with some ultra chub. It’s a fat cat that is clearly loved, it’s done parenting and it’s not going to be killing native animals for fun. I say high five to the true supreme queen of all Meowmia. This cat has made it in life imo.

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