20 Terrible Pictures Taken by Real Estate Agents

The real estate agents behind these funny ads collected by this website didn’t even care to fix the places up before snapping the hilarious pictures. The caring levels were so low that there’s a photo with a live bat in it, a huge pig laying around in the living room and toilet on the stairs.

Pet friendly complex. Pig not included.


If the weather clears up later I might mow the pool...

You'll never guess what I just passed on the stairs.

Attention to detail is very important. For example, here the agent has dragged the body outside before taking the photograph.

What is this? A house or an advent calendar?

Let's be optimistic. Perhaps it says "Surprise my coconut".

Buyers are advised to leave the fridge right where it is.

A rare opportunity to acquire a sacrificial dungeon simply bursting with original features.

Blog idea: reasons my fan is sad.

Advice to real estate agents: Never reveal yourself to be the Prince of Darkness during a viewing.

A rare chance to own the opening scene from 12 different horror movies.

Script idea: Marie Antoinette travels to the 1990s and moves in with a monkey pirate.

The infinity toilet.

When you enter a toilet and literally don't know where to start...

It’s a tribute to my wife, who used to dream of being a clumsily-drawn, questionably-shaped mermaid.

When you’re halfway through a wash cycle and you decide it would be easier just to sell your house...

In some cultures, a desire for privacy is seen as a sign of weakness.

Despite his efforts, Ivan never really got the hang of Feng Shui.

"I think I'm beginning to see a pattern" said Holmes.

On cold winter nights there’s nothing quite like curling up in front of a roaring toilet.



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  1. Anonymous March 1, 2019

    And these pictures are the fault of the realtors? How about the slobs that actually live in those houses and didn’t clean them up for real estate pictures.

  2. Anonymous March 1, 2019

    My ex was a RE agent, she went to take pics of a place that had a full-on pot grow in the basement.
    They threatened her when she refused to list it.

  3. Anonymous March 1, 2019

    These are hysterical.

  4. Anonymous March 1, 2019

    How did they get those chairs to stay like that?

  5. Anonymous March 1, 2019

    Why would a realtor even take these. Tell the client to clean up.

  6. Aphrodite March 1, 2019

    I really like the last bathroom. I could live in there, read books, poop, pluck my eyebrows. Did anyone notice the dog bowl between the toilet and the bidet?

  7. Anonymous March 2, 2019


  8. Anonymous March 2, 2019

    Iḿ not sure what that fan is going through, but I think someone should help.

  9. Anonymous March 3, 2019

    I’ve seen houses and listings like this. That said, these still make me giggle or just say “woah”

  10. Anonymous March 4, 2019

    The endless toilet isn’t tooooo bad!

  11. Anonymous May 30, 2019

    It’s been ten minutes and I still can’t stop laughing about the boobs on that mermaid!

  12. Lassie B May 30, 2019

    I would love a bidet. I would not, however, want two toilets and two bidets in one room. One at a F’ing time, please

  13. Anonymous May 31, 2019

    i actually love the last bathroom… i would like to have a restroom that fits a cozy armchair in it. my issue is with the pet bowls in there…

  14. Anonymous May 31, 2019

    And of course the agent is blamed for the house not selling….

  15. Anonymous May 31, 2019

    I want to know how the realtor in the infinity toilet is not in the picture. Who hires a vampire to list their house?

  16. RE Agent June 1, 2019

    Well, how do you tell a person who does not see a problem that this will ensure you will never sell this place. Might as well get a match.

  17. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    Those chairs reminded me of the kitchen scene in the Poltergeists movie!

  18. Ichie-doo June 3, 2019

    Yep, some people were in the wrong line when taste and good sense were handed out. My on my, mmm mmm mmm

  19. Anonymous June 3, 2019

    The Purple bathroom could have been an ode to Prince and Purple Rain Fans!

  20. Ross Lass June 4, 2019

    When looking for a home, I found one where they took the guest bathroom, filled it with kitty litter, and used it for a cat box. Yikes!

  21. Deb June 13, 2019

    Did anybody else notice all the orbs in the Prince of Darkness picture. Creepy.

  22. Stuart Fletcher July 7, 2019

    Im still laughing about he last one , three days laer. Sitting around a rouring toilet , that’s
    too much. loved them all but that one took the medal.

  23. Anonymous July 8, 2019

    To the investor, these pictures say “opportunity”.

  24. Tea July 31, 2021

    I don’t understand the droopy fan. How did that happen?
    BTW, this happened to me. I still had some stuff randomly lying around after packing and was told, “Never mind. We’ll move it out of the way when we stage it for the photos”. Nope. Photos taken while I was at work, so I didn’t see them until they were posted.

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