9 thoughts on “This Twitter Account Shows Why You Should Have a Duck”

  1. Ducks are cute, but they sh*t all over the place! Hope u like cleaning big green wet turds off ur floor! However, ducks are great for the garden BEFORE PLANTING, where they eat slugs and bugs and convert them to sh!t, which, of course, is good for the garden!

  2. To ducks and cover, don’t know where you livebut the ducks where I am eat blueberries and shit accordingly.

  3. @Anonymous2
    LOL! Yes, that’s why ducks should not be in the garden after planting. They will eat all your veggies. Salad greens are a favorite. They will shit accordingly!

  4. i like duckies. duckies kool. kool duckies. duckies cool. me like duckies duckies kool kool duckies duckies kool

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