15 thoughts on “What Is Life Like In Russia, According To AI”

  1. Ok, love this, adore the prison squatting bears. I was expecting to see some vodka, though.

  2. You can tell it’s fake. Everyone knows if Putin were giving a bear a ride on a scooter, he’d be shirtless.

  3. I don’t find anything about Russia funny these days. What Putin has done to Ukraine is a travesty.

  4. If you’d said “There’s nothing funny about what Putin/Obama/Biden/Zelensky/the oligarchs have done to Ukraine,” then I’d agree. Lots of blame to go around.

  5. Anonymous 2: You got that right. Oligarchs using Ukraine as a money laundromat with its politicians’ consent are largely the cause of the destruction of the country. We in the West are all becoming Ukraine with the levels of corruption that grow every day!

  6. H

  7. I never claimed Russia is like this……

    OH! A.I. claimed this, not me, AL. Sad and Useless really needs to make this more clear. Many AL’s were probably confused.

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