Funny And Relatable Tweets About Work Emails

Like death and taxes, work emails are an inevitable part of life. It’s so painful to think about the amount of time during the work day many of us spend sending and responding to emails. While workplace etiquette and being polite is important, it’s very tempting to be honest and a bit creative from time to time…

A marine biologist I know signs his emails off with "Best fishes," and this pleases me enormously.

Europeans' out of offices are like "I will not be working until 18 September. All emails will be automatically deleted." Americans: "I am in the hospital. Email responses may be delayed by up to 30 mins. Sorry for the inconvenience! If urgent, please reach me in the ER at..."

My company does this icebreaker thing where every week a different person sends an email to the whole company talking about their average day, and today's coworker started his "I wake up each day furious to be laboring under capitalism" and it has caused quite a stir.

most embarrassing email exchange I ever had: - Sent an email - They replied & called me "Mautice" - I reply with a stink about how my name is properly spelled and that it's actually really important to me - They told me to check my 1st email - I had misspelled my own name

When I sign an email “Yours” it’s not a term of endearment— it means this email is now yours I’m done with it get it away from me.

Somedays I just want to reply emails with “ok” and this picture:

I got an “I emailed you 3 days ago” message this morning. Friday afternoon at 4:47 this person emailed me. They followed up at 8:15 this morning. 28 minutes. They emailed me 28 working minutes ago. Bye.

I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your email but I glanced at it, vowed to deal with it later, and now the very thought of even opening it fills me with crippling dread.

Making this my new email signature.

Is it "for fucks sake" or "for fuck sake"? It's for a work email so it has to sound professional.

Me when I get ten emails in a minute at work

One time back before automatic signatures I wrote a rather stern email to a group at work about a poorly-run project. I hastily closed with “Regards, (my name)” or at least thought I did; that day I learned qwerty keyboards are my enemies thanks to the proximity of the G to the T

nooooo i just sent an email that said “as you mentioned in your precious email” instead of “previous email”. sick at myself

“Sorry for the reply delay!” - predictable - disorganised - admits fault on your part “in response to your premature email,” - brazen - establishes dominance - might get fired, giving you more time to work on your series of crime novellas

"per my last email" = "In case you suddenly can't read" "To reiterate" = "this is the last time I'm saying this" "moving forward" = "Don't try me again" "I've copied ______" = "Let's see you lie your way out of this bitch" "Kind Regards" = "Fuck you"

Issa Rae's out of office email message says "I am unavailable, unreachable and uninterested for the next two weeks" and I love it.

[evolution of a work email] FUCK YOU I SPECIFICALLY SAID- *deletedeletedelete* If you had taken the time to actually read wha- *deletedeletedelete* Apologies, I will be more clear next time :)

my favorite genre of office email are the ones like Dear Mark, I don’t know. Thanks so much, Susan

Writing “Warm Regards” on a passive aggressive work email

Protip: Never end a work email with “Let me know if you want to discuss” without immediately leaving the building.

Someone told me signing my emails with "Best" is passive aggressive so I'm changing it to "See you in hell" to eliminate any confusion

Wow! so crazy that you didn’t get my email. So weird. Let me send it again. *me sending the email for the first time*

Do you ever send a work email and re-read it and congratulate yourself on the masterpiece it was?

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  1. I can relate to 12 well. in my rush to get away from more ‘before you go’ pressure, my hastily typed automatic ‘out of office’ reply listed the people that could help out in my absence, followed by an intended “kind regards” but hit the t instead g. 2 weeks of unintended offending that no one could stop. I was mortified upon my return..

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