Terrifyingly Funny Creatures Under a Microscope

We are used to seeing big animals and things around us, but the world looks very strange and different on a microscopic level…

Maggot under a microscope.

Happy little tardigrade.

Marine worm under a microscope.

Tadpole under a microscope.

Nereis sandersi, deep sea worm living in hydrothermal vent.

These are just two days old.

Water bear under a microscope.

What a lovely face!

If this doesn't make your head itchy, nothing will.

A sludge-worm (Tubifex tubifex).

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Such a cute face!

Maggot head up close.

Scanning electron microscopes can show us some incredible details that even an ordinary light microscope is unable to show...

Ant's face.

Caterpillar up close.

Whitefly closeup.

Wasp's head.

Deep ocean worm up close.

 Reddit An ant's arse through an electron microscope.

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