Weirdest Children’s Books You Can Get On Amazon

From Why Is Daddy In a Dress? to My Parents Open Carry, when it comes to books, Amazon really has everything. Scroll down to see the weirdest kid’s books you can actually buy online!

"If God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open?" by Lorraine Peterson
If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open? by Lorraine Peterson

"The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts" by Shinta Cho
The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts by Shinta Cho

"I Need a New Butt!" by Dawn McMillan
I Need a New Butt! by Dawn McMillan

"My Parents Open Carry" by Brian Jeffs
My Parents Open Carry by Brian Jeffs

"F**k You Sun" by Matt Cole
F**k You Sun by Matt Cole

"My First Cavity Search" by David Blanchard
My First Cavity Search by David Blanchard

"Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?" by Tom O'Connor
Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House? by Tom O’Connor

"Where Willy Went: The Big Story of a Little Sperm" by Nicholas Allan
Where Willy Went: The Big Story of a Little Sperm by Nicholas Allan

"Little Monkey's Big Peeing Circus" by Tjibbe Veldkamp
Little Monkey’s Big Peeing Circus by Tjibbe Veldkamp

"The House That Crack Built" by Clark Taylor
The House That Crack Built by Clark Taylor

"The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales" by Jon Scieszka
The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon Scieszka

"Do You Want To Play With My Balls?" by The Cifaldi Brothers
Do You Want To Play With My Balls? by The Cifaldi Brothers

"The Night Dad Went To Jail" by Melissa Higgins
The Night Dad Went To Jail by Melissa Higgins

"Everyone Poops" by Taro Gomi
Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

"Go the F**k to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach
Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

"Llama Destroys The World" by Jonathan Stutzman
Llama Destroys The World by Jonathan Stutzman

"The Mystery of the Midget Clown" by Ann Bradfor
The Mystery of the Midget Clown by Ann Bradfor

"I'd Really Like To Eat a Child" by Sylviane Donnio
I’d Really Like To Eat a Child by Sylviane Donnio

"Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say "No" to Drugs" by Sylvia Scott Gibson
Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say “No” to Drugs by Sylvia Scott Gibson

"The Long Journey of Mister Poop" by Angèle Delaunois
The Long Journey of Mister Poop by Angèle Delaunois

"Why Is Daddy in a Dress?" by Amanda McCall
Why Is Daddy in a Dress? by Amanda McCall

12 thoughts on “Weirdest Children’s Books You Can Get On Amazon”

  1. To be fair, some of these are parodies of well-known children’s books, not actually intended for children.

  2. Ahem, some are NOT parody books and ARE intended for your children… and these ARE still available. . . . .

  3. Farting while open carrying sent Dad to jail, where he pooped during a cavity search on the midget clown prison guard who was playing with his balls that smelled like stinky cheese.

  4. I actually gave The Stinky Cheese Man to my nephew when he was little, and he loved it! Don’t know what the reaction would have been had I sent Will You Play With My Balls instead.

  5. Give these books to your children and they will never see things the same again!
    ssrichardmontgomery(dot) com/download/books.jpg

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognized the stinky cheese man. The whole time I was in elementary school it always had a waiting list at the library. 😂

  7. I lived the title of the 1st book. Really, I had to go and share a locker with my sister instead.

  8. It saddens me to see that Kash Patel’s smooth brained “The Plot Against the King” is missing from this list.

  9. I don’t understand how Llama destroys the world is a ridiculous book. It’s actually quite well made.

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