24 thoughts on “Awkward Family Photos From The 1980s”

  1. The last family photo is actually really lovely: Beautiful wife, two lovely kids and Dad feeling a little unsure. ;-)

  2. I love how these are laughed at, but the hundreds of tiktok videos of blue-haired, tatted, nose-gauged, anything-but-cis cosplayers explaining their mercurial daily gender proclamations are “brave.”

  3. i was going to say Karate Family for the win. Then I saw Acid Washed Denim Jacket family. Steel cage match between both should decide things fine.

  4. The one where the kids are wearing bow ties the little girl behind her Dad looks like she must be really ill because the way her eyes have red bags & her hair looks really thin. Possibly a Family Photo before she passed away? Maybe?


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