“We Rate Dogs” Twitter Account Is Hilarious And Wholesome

Matt Nelson, the mastermind behind the We Rate Dogs Twitter account, has a unique way for dog ratings, pairing them with adorable comments, and often scores way above 10. In fact, scores are beside the point, the funny comments are what won him a solid fan base and millions of followers. Combining humor and passion for canines, it started as a hobby and is now a part of a successful all-things-doggo brand, even releasing a We Rate Dogs card game and We Rate Dogs calendar. Scroll down to see some of the best examples!

This is Moko. Her mom was part fox and her dad was actually a powdered donut. An extremely rare mix. 13/10

This is Meatball. He's going home for the very first time. So excited to have a human of his own. Thinking about what he's going to call you. Maybe Bob. 12/10

This is Indiana, Harlow and Reese. Harlow only sleeps well in the center of a dachshund sandwich. Thankfully, Indiana and Reese are always available. 14/10 for all

This is Ralph. He heard a firework. Not sure if the world is ending but if it is he wanted to be with you. 14/10 i love you Ralph

This is Ruby and Max. They pick up a piece of litter on every walk. Sometimes their ears get tangled, but the planet is worth it. Both 14/10

This is Asher. He’s on his way home for the very first time. Can’t believe he has a human of his own. 12/10 never letting go

“If you’re in the wrong parts of Twitter, it can easily be described as a cesspool of horrible things. So in that way, you can see my account as an escape,” Matt explained in an interview with Esquire. There is something about dogs that we just cannot get enough of. Their soft fluffy ears, their wet noses, their smiling faces and their unconditional love are all so special. What did we do to deserve man’s best friend?

This is Piggy. She noticed you didn't finish your sandwich. Wonders what might happen to the rest of it. Perhaps it could be given to someone. Maybe a good girl. 13/10

This is Nami. Her tug-of-war strategy consists solely of distracting you with

This is Kona. She's just so grateful that she found her forever human. Can't believe she gets to spend every day with her best friend. 14/10

This is Luna. She's not usually allowed on the couch, but there are bigger problems in the world, so she'll be right here if you need her. 13/10

This is Benji. He has no time to explain but he needs you to follow him. 12/10 would drop everything immediately

This is Sophie. She has a classic case of dandelion toes, a rare condition caused by running through fields of dandelions. Luckily it is completely harmless and ridiculously cute. 14/10

In November 2021, We Rate Dogs announced the beginning of the 15/10 Foundation. This foundation was launched to raise money for dogs in shelters who don’t have access to the medical care they need. The 15/10 Foundation is named after the highest rating any dog has ever received on the Twitter account. On the foundation’s website, there is a page featuring all of the dogs they are currently sponsoring. Viewers can reach out to the shelters these dogs are currently living at, and then they will be added to the “adopted” section of the site, which thankfully features many dogs already.

This is Kirby. His engine has started and his ears have been deployed. Please puppare for takeoff. 12/10

This is Paddington. He lay down at the park and another pup came over and fell asleep on his tail. Please don’t excite him for he’s trying his best not to wag. Both 14/10

This is Leo. He wants you to know the dog door started it. 14/10 he's been framed

This is Benji. One of his adult ears came in already and he's hoping the other one comes soon. 12/10 any day now

This is Tahlulabelle. She picked a flower for you but can't remember where she put it. It's around here somewhere. 14/10

This is Gus. And these are his four favorite teeth. Just brushed them this morning. You can even smell his breath if you want. 13/10 that's okay we believe you

This is Maggie. She got sent home from the amusement park. Was told she wasn't tall enough to ride any of the rides. Getting a second opinion. 14/10

This is Poppy. She's feeling lonely down here by herself. Wonders if you'd come sit on the floor with her for a bit. 12/10

This is Horton. He's been doing yoga for months. Would like to share that he can finally touch his toes. 13/10 please clap

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