Tea With Naughty Sheep: Funny Tourist Attraction

Planning to visit Scotland? Scotland has many enticing tourist attractions. From tartan shops in Edinburgh to gorgeous gorgeous medieval castles to rugged cliffs in the Hebrides Isles. Now, Airbnb has added a unique attraction that might beat them all: Tea With Naughty Sheep in the Scottish countryside. The 90-minute Airbnb experience includes a classic afternoon tea complete with finger snacks and treats. Two Herdwick sheep are the guests of honor at this tea party. They bring snuggles, laughs and “a bit of naughtiness,” according to the Airbnb listing. There are treats set out just for the sheep, so you can feed and pet the fluffy animals.

Tea with naughty sheep.

The sheep are untrained and therefore unpredictable, so the listing advises bringing a good sense of humor for the afternoon. And, of course, don’t forget your camera, as there will be many photo opportunities, however, the listing hilariously requests that guests don’t film and feed at the same time, because “the sheep like your full attention”.

Naughty sheep.

Having tea with naughty sheep seems to be a very successful business venture with many happy customers. It’s getting great reviews, such as: “I’m blown away. And my love of sheep is solidified.”, “A true bucket list moment.”, and “These boys are baaaaad but so, so good!”

Tea with sheep.

Becky, the owner of sheep and host of tea party comments: “I have hosted animal lovers and adventurers looking for an unusual outing. The responses and reviews have been lovely. Guests enjoy being so close to these beautiful animals and laughing at their terrible table manners.”

Tea with naughty sheep.

After a final sip of tea, guests can bid farewell to the sheep and take a leisurely stroll around the property.. If it’s feeding time, you might be able to offer a bottle to a lamb.

Feeding a lamb.

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  1. ALL of us need a few more “warm and fuzzy” experiences…. and a lot more love in the world!

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