Useless Box That Switches Itself Off

This wonderfully made black box might look like any old box. It even comes with an on/off switch to open the top. Convenient, right? But this little box has a will of its own. As soon as you flick the switch, a mechanical arm emerges from the box and… flicks the switch back. And that is all this box does. Utterly useless, but in a way quite brilliant as well. Just like the website you are currently viewing in your browser.

Useless box.

The box comes with some extra screws, bolts and a miniature screwdriver. So after you build the box from scratch, you can always keep yourself busy taking the box apart and putting it back together again, for absolutely no reason.

Useless box.

Useless box in action.

There’s no greater way to throw away your hard-earned cash than on the useless box. You can get it on Amazon for $15 or so.


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  1. KOHLRABI December 30, 2021

    Old, old, old! This device was advertised for sale on the back pages of comic books in the 1950’s.

  2. Your Name Here December 31, 2021

    And so it begins. This is the first step in the Robot Apocalypse

  3. Anonymous December 31, 2021

    Wasn’t a similar box in season 3 of Fargo?

  4. Ale December 31, 2021

    This is older than the internet. Neat version of the box, tho.

  5. C=B*log2(1+S/N) January 3, 2022

    This was one of the wonderfully weird inventions of Claude Shannon. It is MUCH older than the internet.

  6. Anonymous January 5, 2022

    People who forget their history tend to buy it all over again. These were always big sellers at the tourist shops in Niagara Falls in the fifties.

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