“Unibrow Movement” Is The Latest Instagram Beauty Trend

Why have two when one is enough? Women all over Instagram are celebrating their love for a single eyebrow with #UnibrowMovement hashtag. Also check out previously featured dumb Instagram eyebrow trends: Halo Eyebrows and McDonald’s Eyebrows.




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  1. Anonymous January 2, 2019

    That cracked us all up at dinner! Thanks for the LOLZ!

  2. Anonymous January 10, 2019

    So you call this a “beauty trend” huh? Ewwwww, gross.

  3. Anonymous January 10, 2019

    I think my libido just committed suicide.

  4. rudolph February 5, 2019

    5, 11, 15 OMG!! I thought my dog was hairy.

  5. Anonymous March 14, 2019

    This ia hideous and hillarious

  6. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    stop it

  7. Anonymous March 24, 2019


  8. Anonymous March 25, 2019

    wow such positive comments. It’s really not such a big deal.

  9. Anonymous April 22, 2019

    You guys are obnoxiously mean. A unibrow is NOT hideous, it’s unique. Just because 2 eyebrows are connected doesn’t mean that you should judge them. These models and pictures prove that we all should embrace our gorgeous differences, no matter how “weird” they may be to others.

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