23 thoughts on ““Ugly Design” Instagram Account Shows Horrible Crimes Against Design”

  1. The plastic/glass cigarette filed container is truly art. And disturbing. Creepy. Disgusting.

    Nice Tarot set in the background.

  2. The udderly ridiculous shoulder bag, and the PT Cruiser wedding coach: I just don’t know how to respond. The boot sandles? Definitely No.

  3. The beer mug socks are actually kind of cute.

    The doll head planters are the stuff of nightmares. Imagine getting up in the middle of a gloomy night and seeing those things staring at you…

  4. I don’t know which is funnier, the pictures or the people saying “I want that!”

  5. To Little Correction:
    One would assume Anonymous was referring to the lion coffee table due to the belly rub reference; not the tiger couch

  6. 2nd picture: (start from bottom) normal wall..normal wall..ah- what the shit.

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