Internet Reacts To Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un had their second summit in Hanoi, Vietnam. Featured below are the funniest reactions to this glorious event we gathered from all around the internet.

World's Worst Hair 2019 draws to a thrilling climax as finalists meet...

When you're almost done picking teams in gym class...

Always a good idea to be prepared.

Just two guys who know how to stand normally.

Someone had to photoshop this.

Feel old yet?

A match made in Heaven!

BREAKING: Donald Trump shakes hands with Kim Jong-Un!

World domination: they are ready for it!

I can show you the world!

Meanwhile at Kim's and Trump's meeting...

What to expect from this relationship...

Fitting, isn't it?

The iTunes terms and conditions contain a more substantive clause about not using nuclear weapons than any document that Trump and Kim could ever sign.

Little known fact: the world is actually run by Dennis Rodman.

Kim Jong-Un's people are definitely better at ironing slacks.

Two great minds in action.

Something we can agree on.

Does anyone know why?

Oh, happy day!

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4 thoughts on “Internet Reacts To Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-Un”

  1. How can North Korea not look at the prosperity enjoyed by South Korea,the wealth China has acquired selling out to the west,and not wonder what in the hell are they doing still holding out in following Marxist ideals?
    McDonalds indeed.

  2. It will never cease to amaze me that so many people can seemingly hate one man so much that they are willing to destroy this nation in order to get rid of him. Totally disgraceful people who need to find another country that they think is better than this one.

  3. @murkle: they aren’t Marxist. It’s a dictatorship. That’s the opposite of Marxist.

    @KayB: The destruction of the country is not being caused by loathing the man at the top. It’s being caused by him and the mob-level corruption and incompetence. The talks failed, again. Because he’s an unqualified fool. He is loathed because he’s terrible at the job in every way imaginable. One can love the country and loathe the leader. Then again, other countries are surpassing the USA in countless metrics; longevity, equality, freedoms, health care, happiness, economic equality, environmental track record, education, number of incarcerated, workers rights, etc. The USA isn’t the number one in anything except in things like number of guns, military size, and number of prisoners.

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