Trump Impeached For The Second Time: Here Are The Funniest Reactions

In case you somehow missed the glorious news, Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time. If this second impeachment is successful, Trump will not only likely be barred from re-running for president in the future, but he can also lose his benefits under the Former Presidents Act. So here are all the funniest reactions:

I have the most impeachments of anybody. I am the best at impeachments.

first home alone 2 actor to be impeached twice i’m guessing

I didn’t even know you could be impeached twice. I thought it was like dying

Trump will have the legacy of doing a really great job of getting impeached. Better than any other president. That’s a perfect biggley accomplishment!

"This impeachment is being rushed!"

so Donald is in the Oval Office fuming, keeps reaching for his iPhone to tweet his feelings, womp womp

Everyone else is debating Merry Impeachment vs. Happy Impeachment. I'm over here non-denominational-like with Treason's Greetings.

trump got impeached not once but

Trump has now been impeached as many times as I’ve done a Frozen Film.

Chapter 11 won't help this time.

Turns out you can do it multiple times.

During impeachment debate one of my republican colleagues just ranted about Robert De Niro, Madonna, and Kathy Griffin saying mean things about trump. He did this to defend trump’s insurrection. I wish I were making that up. This is the republican party.

Donald Trump got more impeachments than terms

Hilarious that the only popular vote Trump actually won twice is to remove him.

it's like half of your teachers saying school shooters have a point

It’s a special kind of presidency that requires the Speaker of the House to have an #ImpeachmentDay outfit.


Mario prepares to commit an act of violence.

To the 197 republicans who voted no on impeachment, what would it have taken? Storming the capital in a tan suit?

Mothers know best.

Very rare to see a tweet age this terribly... twice.

11 thoughts on “Trump Impeached For The Second Time: Here Are The Funniest Reactions”

  1. That there are still people supporting him is amazing to me. Just admit you made a bad voting choice and vow to do better next time. When choosing a president, character counts. I prefer my presidents to not be lying, amoral, sexist, racist, delusional sociopathic maniacs.

  2. If he has been impeached once, why not imorange him this time, for a change? Or perhaps impineapple him? This is getting more repetitive and boring than The Apprentice. That guy in the caveman outfit at the Capitol could be imbanananed just to give him company.

  3. Thousands of dead Amercians because he talked people out of wearing masks so he wouldn’t smear his make-up.
    Convict him.

  4. Too bad Manson’s dead! They would have become besties in prison. Wouldn’t you have just loved to be a fly on the wall when those two would get to talking?
    I would! 🤔

  5. One thing is for sure. This is not a legitimate christian format. You guys have too much underlying hate. I’m sorry to see it but much aware of it. All of you should grow monkey tail beards so you are easier to spot 🤣

  6. The Trump derangement syndrome is unreal. Maybe you didn’t notice the burnt cities, crashing economy, teetering on WWIII and chronic toxic train derailments that keep occurring. Talk about stuck in a loop. Wow. True,I voted for him but wouldn’t again for his continued shilling of the jab. Christian website? Never occurred to me.

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