14 thoughts on “20 People Who Took “The Onion” Seriously”

  1. I am deeply offended by this FAKE NEWS article. Not one of these items contains anything accurate or factual.

  2. These are all real articles, Sand & Useless is propagating fake news by pretending that the articles are fake!


  3. It is ok to be stupid but to shout it from the roof tops Is arrogance beyond stupid. How do we stop these people from reproducing.

  4. That Grammar Police guy is a professional troll and only commented to get hits. He knows the Onion is a parody paper.

  5. Shouldn’t someone calling himself “Grammer Police” have enough grasp of English to know that it’s spelt “grammar”?

  6. Long live the Onion! Maybe I should just switch which news I read. At least you can laugh at the Onion.

  7. The reply to the sandwich story was satirical. Congratulations on being out-satired by @medianewsfake.

  8. What’s worse is reading a crazy newsstory, then looking to see if it’s from the Onion, and finding out it’s from a “reliable” news source!!

  9. so i told my kid that fetterman made oz repeat his telephone concession 5 times, figuring yeah, that sounds about right. my kid pointed out that it was actually an onion article. oops

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