15 thoughts on “Has Cat Grooming Gone Too Far?”

  1. The people that did this should be killed, in a very painful way. And their children should be killed. And their neighbors. And the cashier where they buy their groceries. And the workers that works at the power company that supplies electricity to their home. And everyone that looked at this page.

    – Mr. Troll

  2. Some cats thoroughly enjoy being groomed and love the attention. They are all individuals like any being.

  3. Straight up abuse. Certain breeds of dogs need grooming. But never cats. Yep. Straight up abuse. And they call them selves animal lovers shit grads more like it

  4. If you drama queens don’t stop screaming ABUSE at things that are clearly NOT abuse, I’m going to vote for Trump in 2020. This may be objectification, or acute loserness, but not abuse. Cats and dogs are not afraid their friends will laugh at them. Take a chill pill.


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