11 thoughts on “The Married Kama Sutra”

  1. OMG. Taking the husband shopping for clothes is the best one. Even after you get him in the store, he spends the entire time complaining about the prices, expecting things to cost the same as they did 30 years ago, which was the last time he willingly went shopping. This is why wives just go by stuff, bring it home, make them try it on, and return what doesn’t work. And we all claim it was on 50% off sale whether it was or not, just to cut off the price drama before it even starts.

  2. Kohl’s is what got me back to shopping for clothes. Nothing more satisfying than seeing that receipt that says your total price is $87 and the original price was $1285 for a savings of 93% off.

  3. Outrightly ridiculous and not hilarious by any standards. Brainless goo being passed off as humour. Guess COVID times have numbed your brains too

  4. there is no brainless goo. there is only a preference to complain.

    kudos! i thought these were hilarious.

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